El Ejército del Aire evalúa el T-6B “Texan II”.

lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2009


El Ejército del Aire evalúa el T-6B Desde primeros del mes de septiembre se encuentra en nuestro país un ejemplar del avión de entrenamiento avanzado Hawker Beechcraft T-6B Texan II, dentro del programa de ...


Exhibición de Fuerzas Armadas y Cuerpos de Seguridad del Estado en Alcalá de Henares.


Lunes 14 de Septiembre de 2009 10:06

Novedad este año ha sido el vehículo ligero multirrol LMV Lince
fabricado por IVECO, que montaba una ametralladora pesada Browning de
12,70 mm. A escasos metros encontramos también uno de los 27
ejemplares del mini UAV Raven RQ11B con sus elementos de control y
seguimiento, adquiridos el año pasado por el Ministerio de Defensa a
través de la empresa española Aerlyper.


Raytheon to Supply AGM-65 Maverick Missiles to Korea, Taiwan

AGM-65D Fired From F-16
AGM-65D Fired From F-16
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Raytheon received a $77.4 million foreign military sales contract to produce more than 250 AGM-65D and AGM-65G2 infrared-guided Maverick air-to-surface missiles for Korea and Taiwan.

AGM-65 rose to prominence during Desert Storm, when many of TV's missile-eye views of air strikes came from Mavericks. The missile is produced in 3 versions: TV-guided, imaging infared (IIR) guided, and laser-guided. "Raytheon Restarts Production of Laser Maverick Missiles" has more on the laser-guided variety.


A350 funding gathers momentum, will the EADS/Boeing tanker bids be influenced by the WTO ruling?

14th September, 2009
Debate over the supposedly confidential initial WTO ruling, and
whether launch aid provided to Airbus has "materially injured" Boeing,
is increasingly leaking out into the public sphere. The debate comes
as Boeing and Northrop Grumman/EADS compete for the US Air Force's new
aerial refueling tanker, a contract that could eventually be worth
more than USD35 billion.


UK Fraud Office & BAE Set for Another Round

13-Sep-2009 20:53 Defense Industry Daily
The UK's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has spent the last 6 years chasing
BAE systems over allegations that bribes were paid to secure foreign
deals in a number of countries


FAA Issues SAIB For Rotax Engines

Problemas de refrigeración en uno de los motores más usados en aviación ligera


Fri, 11 Sep '09

Revised Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin Focuses On Engine Cooling
 The FAA has issued a revised SAIB for aircraft with Bombardier-Rotax
(Rotax) 912 A, 912 F, 912 S, and 914 F series reciprocating engines
for a possible problem with the liquid cooling system. These engines
are installed on, but not limited to, Aeromot-Industria Mecanicao
Metalurgica AMT-200, AMT-200S, and AMT-300; Aquila Technische
Entwicklungen GmbH AT01; Diamond Aircraft Industries (Austria and
Canada) DA20-A1, HK36 R, HK36 TC, HK36 TS, HK36 TTC, HK36 TTC-ECO, and
HK36 TTS; Iniziative Industriali Italiane 650 TC, 650 TCN, 650 TCS,
and 650 TCNS; and Stemme GmbH S10-VT aircraft. They may also be
installed on amateur-built and light-sport aircraft.


UAVs replacing fighter planes in combat ops


TNN 14 September 2009, 02:36am IST
The desire to inflict maximum damage while risking a minimum of lives
and resources is the reason for the development of these aircraft.
Drones are cheaper than conventional fighter planes and can be
deployed in conflict zones that pose a high risk to manned aircraft.
Experts believe that with further advancement of technology, UAVs will
in the long run reduce the role of traditional aircraft.


Piloted Aircraft Become UAV Simulators

As if to prove that technology tends to come full circle, the Air
Force is now using piloted aircraft as simulators to train pilots of
UAVs. "We're using a manned aircraft to simulate an unmanned
aircraft," said CAP-U.S. Air Force Commander Col. Bill Ward


Boeing vs. Airbus


14/09/09 Forbes.
A preliminary WTO ruling on a U.S. complaint against Airbus declared
part of $4.3 billion in repayable E.U. state 'launch aid' for
development of the A380 airliner illegal, according to media reports
on Sept. 4 and 5.


WTO says Airbus subsidies hurt Boeing: U.S. lawmaker


11/09/09 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A World Trade Organization panel has
found that European subsidies for Airbus injured its U.S. rival
Boeing, a U.S. senator said on Friday in remarks that clashed with a
colleague's description of the ruling


Boeing Receives $156.5 Million NASA Payload Processing Option


Under the contract, Boeing provides management and technical support
of payload processing for NASA's space shuttle, ISS and expendable
launch vehicle programs. Services and support include planning for and
receiving payloads, maintaining associated ground support systems,
integrating payloads with the space shuttle, and supporting space
shuttle launches and post-landing payload activities.


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