UK hydrogen alliance established to accelerate zero carbon aviation and bring an £34bn* annual benefit to the country | Airbus

martes, 5 de septiembre de 2023 

    The Hydrogen in Aviation (HIA) alliance of major players across aviation will work to accelerate the delivery of zero carbon aviation

    The UK is currently in a strong position to become a global leader in hydrogen-powered aviation, but further steps must be taken to capture the opportunity, secure long-term employment and economic benefits, as well as meet critical decarbonisation targets.

    HIA aims to assist Government and policymakers by mapping out the milestones to ensure infrastructure, regulatory and policy changes keep pace with the ground-breaking technological developments in carbon-free flying

    It is critical that the supply of hydrogen, and the infrastructure needed to support zero carbon flying, are prioritised if the significant social and economic benefits of flying are to be preserved

    New research shows that 81% of the British public believe hydrogen is the best option to decarbonise aviation with 91% supporting the UK government investing in hydrogen production and use in the aviation sector. 


Russia Is Using Tires To Protect Its Bombers From Aerial Attack

A covering of tires could well be calculated to break up the infrared signature of these aircraft, to confuse cruise missiles using image matching for targeting. This technique is also frequently referred to as DSMAC (Digital Scene Matching Area Correlator) or ATR (Automated Target Recognition) when used in cruise missiles.