Sudáfrica cancela su pedido de 8 A400M

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

la resolución del contrato se debe al continuo incremento de costes y la incapacidad del fabricante de entregar las aeronaves dentro de plazo. Además Sudáfrica pretende reclamar 379M$ en concepto de indemnización.


EADS pide a España que impulse el UAV Advance europeo

El consejero delegado del consorcio aeronáutico EADS, Louis Gallois, se mostró esperando con que el Gobierno español aproveche la presidencia de la Unión Europea (UE), que asume en enero, para poner en marcha "importantes iniciativas" e impulsa, entre otros, el UAV Advance.


Zeppelin: Walrus Heavy-Lift Blimp Rises, Falls… Rises?

In April 2005, "USN, DARPA See Blimps & HULAs Rising", looked at a range of projects on the drawing board, including the Walrus heavy-transport blimp (that's "heavy" as in "1-2 million pounds") which offered the potential for a faster and more versatile sealift substitute.
In this article DID explains the Walrus concept, details the contractors and contracts involved in this initial award (including a few updates), and lays out the program's structure… or at least, what used to be its structure. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) funded phase 1 contracts, but things seemed to end in 2006. Yet the imperatives driving the need for Walrus, or even for a much smaller version of it, remain. Is the Walrus dead? What about Paul? And could it, or a HULA like like it, rise again?

Additional Readings
  • Dedicated LTA builder World SkyCat also failed to receive a DARPA contract. Their site is highly worthwhile, however, especially for all the variants of HULA craft they propose (and justify) for specialized uses, and their incorporation of operating cost figures. The economics of SkyGas and SkyPipeline were especially interesting, as commercial demand would push per-unit HULA costs down and ensure open production lines (and hence additional military procurement options) much more consistently than reliance on pure military orders.
  • DID (March 17/06) – Energy Conservation Moving Up Pentagon’s Agenda. The Army Corps of Engineers forecasts that fuel availability and cost may become an important constraint on future operations. That has implications for transport and aviation.
  • DID (Feb 17/06) – Aeros Dreaming Big With Walrus Project. LA Times: “An obscure Tarzana firm run by Russian emigres is locked in competition with Lockheed Martin Corp., the world’s largest defense contractor, to win a Pentagon contract to build 900-foot- long, blimp-like aircraft to move cargo and troops into combat zones.”
  • DID (Oct 21/05) – US CBO Gives OK to HULA Airships for Airlift. the Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan analytical arm of the US Congress, “likes the heavy-lift airship concept because it could do more than the airlift aircraft and surge sealift capabilities currently used when U.S. forces deploy.” DID went and found that report, which offers some interesting conclusions…
  • Book: The Deltoid Pumpkin Seed by John McPhee. Fascinating book. This isn’t the first time someone has floated a similar idea. In the 1930s, a group of visionaries also attempted to develop a hybrid blimp/aircraft with these kinds of capabilities. Its early and secret experimental development took 12 years time, and $1.5 million dollars that came came from private individuals. Much of it was raised by the minister of the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Trenton, New Jersey, who initiated the project. See also:


Virgin Atlantic Releases Its Anti-Anxiety Course For iPhone

Fear Of Flying? There's An App For That


El Gobierno relanza el Plan Estratégico para el Sector Aeronáutico
El ministro de Industria, Turismo y Comercio, Miguel Sebastián,
llevará mañana al Consejo de Ministros un nuevo Plan Estratégico para
el Sector Aeronáutico (PESA) para el periodo 20010-2014, con el
objetivo de reforzar a la industria auxiliar y suministradora de la
aviación, según anunció ayer en la planta de Airbus de Illescas
(Toledo), donde el Gobierno de España y EADS pusieron de manifiesto el
fin de las divergencias surgidas a principios de año, tras la creación
de Airbus Military.

También en 5 días


Seminario de creación de empresas en la ETSIA

Cómo convertir una idea en una Empresa de éxito


Open rotor engines...

Hacia unos motores más eficientes

NASA to fund Boeing for open rotor noise study

Boeing and Airbus are both considering new generation and highly efficient open rotor engine designs as potential candidates for the successor to the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 families of aircraft in the 2020 and timeframe and beyond. Experiments in the 1980s with open rotor designs by several engine manufacturers revealed noise as a key issue in bringing the designs to market.

Powerplant Performance

Improvements in engine performance are expected to be far more than incremental. For example, the "2008 Addendum To The Strategic Research Agenda, Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research In Europe" (ACARE) sets a goal for European airlines to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50%, nitrogen oxide by 80% and perceived external noise by 50% by 2020. At the same time, the industry must make what the council calls "substantial progress towards green manufacturing, maintenance and disposal" by 2020.


Otra iniciativa de...

Otra iniciativa de...



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