U.K.-France Treaties Outline Joint Weapon Development Plans

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

A 10-year strategic plan for complex weapon development and a new unmanned air vehicle joint venture are among the industrial highlights of two defense treaties announced by Britain and France at a summit meeting here Nov. 2 between U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The treaty on defense and security cooperation covers a series of potential air and sea equipment programs, as well as an operational alliance involving the sharing of aircraft carrier capabilities and the creation of a joint expeditionary force.



Bye Energie readies for electric Cessna C172 first flight

Bye Energy says its electrified Cessna 172N aircraft modified with 318kg (700lb) Lithium batteries and an electric motor is progressing towards first flight in the first quarter of 2011.

In addition to mounting its first test motor, the company chief executive George Bye says he will reveal in mid-November a "large partner" who has been "quietly working with us" to develop electronic displays that will replace the piston-powered single's engine gauges with energy management information.



Nueve empresas de Aerópolis captan seis millones para nuevas infraestructuras tecnológicas

Según indicaron fuentes de Aerópolis, el montante completo de la financiación concedida, un total de 5.838.396 euros, se divide en unos 4,1 millones de euros previstos para el ejercicio 2010 y otros casi 1,7 millones para el periodo 2011. Así, las empresas beneficiadas son EADS; la Fundación Andaluza para el Desarrollo Aeroespacial (FADA); Sofitec Ingeniería; Teams; UMI Aeronáutica y Agrupación de Empresas Aeronáuticas Andaluzas.



A400M Will Fly VC10 Trials From Toulouse

The trials will be undertaken with a U.K. Royal Air Force Vickers VC10 tanker, but it will not be operated from the RAF Brize Norton airbase in the U.K., as Airbus previously indicated. The RAF will instead position the aircraft at Toulouse for the trials, according to Airbus.



Colombia recibe el tanquero KC-767 MMTT

La Fuerza Aérea Colombiana esta próxima a recibir de la compañía Bedek , Grupo Aeronáutico IAI, el nuevo avión multirol KC-767 MMTT. Esta aeronave configurada en versión de carga y repostaje en vuelo, llega para complementar la misión del B-707 adquirido por la Fuerza Aérea a principios de la década de los ochenta. Esta nueva aeronave cuenta con dos pods ARP3 para sus labores de reabastecimiento en vuelo.



First sections for fifth Airbus Military A400M arrive in Seville

Following the arrival of the wing set, the final assembly process for the fifth Airbus Military A400M military airlifter is now beginning on the San Pablo Final Assemlby Line in Seville (Spain).

The wings for the aircraft, known as MSN6, arrived at the final assembly line on 28th October on board an Airbus Beluga. The vertical tailplane, manufactured in Stade (Germany), will follow next week. The fuselage and nose will arrive by the turn of the year.

A400M MSN6 is to take to the air by mid of 2011.

The picture shows the unloading of the wing from an Airbus Beluga in the A400M final assembly line.

Press Release


Eurocopter’s Dubai Helishow presence focuses on its helicopter capabilities for security, transport and offshore missions in the Middle East and Arabian Gulf

Eurocopter will mark its 30-plus year presence in the Middle East and Arabian Gulf region with a major participation at this week’s Dubai Helishow 2010, underscoring its helicopter product line’s capabilities for evolving applications that include anti-piracy, counter-insurgency and border patrol missions; corporate and VVIP transportation; emergency medical airlift; search & rescue; as well as the servicing of offshore oil/gas platforms.

The company’s long-term commitment to meet requirements of civil operators and armed forces in this geographic zone has resulted in more than 650 Eurocopter helicopters being flown in the Arab world by both civil and military users. Its success is backed by Eurocopter’s dedication to ensuring optimised support to a growing customer base in daily operations.

For critical homeland security missions on land and at sea, Eurocopter’s EC635, EC645 and AS565 Panther helicopters are highly capable aircraft that respond to current future scenarios in Middle East and Arabian Gulf.

The EC635 offers the combination of a compact helicopter with performance and manoeuvrability for use in scout, anti-piracy and public security missions. This lightweight twin-engine helicopter is being fielded in growing numbers across the Arab world, building on its current operation with the Royal Jordanian Air Force. At the Dubai Helishow, the EC635 is being exhibited as a scale mock-up, with mission equipment representing the Stand Alone Weapon System (SAWS) developed by Eurocopter and ATE.

SAWS incorporates a mission computer, an electro-optical system with TV, infrared cameras and laser telemeter (with laser designator as needed), a targeting system with a helmet-mounted sight and display, two multi-purpose weapon pylons with slaving units, and a choice of guns, missiles and unguided or guided rockets as weapons loads.

The EC645 from Eurocopter also is well tailored for the region’s security and defence needs, providing excellent performance, a spacious cabin and proven reliability. The twin-engine EC645 – which is an armed derivate of the Eurocopter EC145 in service many operators around the world, including the U.S. Army – answers the increasing demand by armed forces for a multi-role helicopter that can accommodate a large range of mission equipment, including SAWS.

The larger AS565 Panther maintains the speed and manoeuvrability features required for security and defence missions, with its capabilities further enhanced by the endurance, range and unmatched capabilities of this twin-engine helicopter in overwater surveillance, tracking and search & rescue – which have been proven in Middle East operations with countries protecting their water territories like UAE or Saudi Arabia.

Having sold more than 500 helicopters worldwide in the business aviation and VIP market segments during the past four years, Eurocopter continues to be the unrivalled leader in these sectors. Its product range answers the Arab world’s specific needs for reliable, efficient and capable airlift that support the region’s economic development through executive and corporate applications, and for transportation in support of the oil and gas industry.

Eurocopter’s tailored products for the business and VIP markets include the EC135 “l’hélicoptère par Hermès” – a fusion between design and technology, whose first customer was Falcon Aviation Services in the United Arab Emirates; and the EC145 “Mercedes-Benz Style,” designed in cooperation with the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio in Como, Italy.

Eurocopter’s new EC175 was created to meet the oil and gas industry’s demanding requirements, providing safety and availability required for transporting large work teams to off-shore platforms and remote locations in the Middle East and Arabian Gulf. It also responds to the region’s growing demands in search & rescue and emergency medical transport, and can meet commercial aviation expectations VIP and corporate transport as well.

An emerging market throughout the Middle East and Arabian Gulf is for civil emergency medical services performed by private operators, using outfitted helicopters to airlift injured patients. Eurocopter is the recognised worldwide leader in this market sector, with its EC135 and EC145 acknowledged as the helicopters of choice by leading hospitals and privately-operated providers around the globe.

Eurocopter has long been active in providing the best support to its international customer base in daily operations, and is committed to further developing its local presence in the Arab world. The company views this region as a strategic area for expansion, and is positioned to grow its footprint through actions that include new partnerships and other cooperative agreements.

The Helicopter Field Service International (HFSI) affiliate of Eurocopter has a well-established presence in Saudi Arabia, with its staff supporting a large rotary-wing fleet in the area. A UAE maintenance centre was opened in 2007 by Eurocopter with Falcon Aviation Services. The centre provides full maintenance and revision services, and reinforces Eurocopter’s customer support network in the region.

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Irak cursa un pedido a Eurocopter de siete helicópteros AS350 B3 para trabajos agrícolas

Marignane, Francia, 31 de octubre de 2010

Eurocopter ha firmado hoy un acuerdo para entregar siete helicópteros AS350 B3
Ecureuil al Ministerio de Agricultura de Irak. Los aparatos serán destinados a
operaciones de fumigación de extensos palmerales de dátiles, una importante fuente de
ingresos agrícolas para el país.

La entrega de los helicópteros mono-turbina de alto rendimiento arrancará en el primer trimestre
de 2011. Además, Eurocopter impartirá formación al personal iraquí en sus instalaciones de

El AS350 B3 es un aparato perfectamente adecuado para operar en las condiciones de altas
temperaturas y de altitud existentes en Irak. Los helicópteros estarán completamente equipados
para la fumigación de los cultivos de palmeras datileras, una operación que se repite varias
veces al año.

"Se trata de un contrato extremadamente importante para Eurocopter, ya que la flota de AS350
B3 contribuirá al desarrollo de una economía estable en Irak", dijo Olivier Lambert,
vicepresidente de Ventas y Relaciones con los Clientes de Eurocopter. "Nos comprometemos
plenamente al cumplimiento de nuestra responsabilidad en este pedido. Eurocopter está
preparada para satisfacer otras necesidades en cuanto a misiones de helicóptero en el país".


Russia seeks more information on Euro missile-defense program


Moscow wants to analyze the missile risks the new defense system will be designed to counter and then decide whether they are a danger to it, Dmitry Rogozin said. "If it is simply a US system built on European soil with European money and without any guarantees that will not be targeted against Russia, that is unacceptable to us," he said.


Episodio 10 del podcast aeronáutico Remove Before Flight ya disponible para descarga

Una vez más, volamos con vosotros. En este episodio, hemos sido de los primeros en probar los nuevos joystick HOTAS de Thustmaster, volvemos a la carga con una burrada aeronáutica sobre el A380, traemos un monográfico que encantará a muchos simuleros y además, una entrevista a Juan Padilla, ingeniero que nos explicará sus andanzas en un vuelo de gravedad cero. Ah, y que no se nos olvide, felicidades a los compañeros de "La buhardilla 2.0″ por ganar el Premio de la Asociación Podcast al mejor podcast de ciencia.

Contenidos Episodio 10:

  • 00:00:00 Introducción
  • 00:03:25 Plan de vuelo (sumario)
  • 00:04:28 Noticias
  • 00:12:07 Actualidad A Fondo
  • 00:30:36 Burradas Aeronáuticas
  • 00:34:09 Entrevista a Juan Padilla, que explica su experiencia en gravedad cero
  • 00:46:12 Monográfico: el vought F4-U Corsair
  • 00:58:14 Despedida
(duración total: 01:00h)

  • Dirección del episodio: Javier F. Lago
  • Redacción: Jose Manuel Gil, Anna Esquius, Javier F. Lago, Jose Miguel Morales
  • Coordinador de redacción de noticias: Jose Manuel Gil
  • Locución: Jose Miguel Morales, Jose Manuel Gil, Anna Esquius & Javier F. Lago

RBF 0010


Evo Morales promete comprar aviones iraníes


Las aeronaves ofrecidas por Irán serían el helicóptero Shahed 278 (versión local del Bell 206) el entrenador básico monomotor FAJR-3, el clon iraní del Pilatus PC-7-cuyo original Bolivia ya posee-  S-68/HT-80, contestado su ensamblaje en Irán por el fabricante suizo, y, el Irán 140,  serie producida por la Irán Aircraft Industries, esta bajo licencia de Antonov, del AN-140.


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