Boeing y Airbus apuestan por aviones más eficientes y por los biocombustibles para reducir emisiones

martes, 16 de marzo de 2010


Blended wing body is NASA's green focus

As rising fuel costs and pressure to cut emissions drive most of the aviation industry to seek even small improvements in aircraft efficiency, NASA is pushing to mature technologies that may realise in the 2020s an aircraft concept that could slash fuel consumption by up to a third.

The so-called flying wing, or blended wing body, is not a new idea. Serious work on the concept goes back to the 1940s, but only now with a coming together of composite material construction and computer-aided fly-by-wire control are its huge gains in aerodynamic efficiency realistically achievable


Succeeded in ´Korean Utility Helicopter´ Flight

 Proto Type #1 of  The Surion that is korean utility helicopter succed first flight in sachon airport. The Surion was performed  hovering and taxing about  30 minutes. The Filight test  will be extended  flight territory.



KT-1T in a rollout ceremony

Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) unveiled an export version of its KT-1 Woongbi basic in headquater that located Sacheon, South Gyeongsang Province, Wednesday.

About 100 high-profile guests, including KAI Chairman and CEO Kim Hong-kyung and Murad Bayar, undersecretary for the defense industry of the Turkish Ministry of National Defense, attended the ceremony.


EADS batalla con EuroProp 500 millones de euros por los retrasos en el motor del A400M

Las reclamaciones legales con los proveedores van más allá del motor, pero la más importante es con EuroProp International. Con todo, fuentes del fabricante del motor, citadas por Aviation Week, afirmaron que el fabricante del motor señala a EADS como responsable de los retrasos ya que demoró la entrega de los datos necesarios para desarrollar el sistema FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control), sistema con controla el motor y la hélice del avión. Además, Airbus Military debe a los proveedores el avance en los pagos, de manera que no está claro si las demandas se pueden anular entre sí.


Gripen NG Demonstrator flight tests in progress

The flight test programme with Gripen NG Demonstrator continues according to plan at the Saab facilities in Linköping. The latest flight, number 117 since the flight test programme started, was flown 2010-03-12.


We are now testing all the tactical systems, such as the AESA radar and the new communications system. The test programme is very extensive, and the unusually harsh cold and snowy winter here in Sweden has challenged the programme schedule but we are now quickly catching up, says Mattias Bergström, the Gripen NG Demonstrator project manager.

We have finished, and successfully verified, the flight tests of the electro-optical Missile Approach Warning System (MAW) and the new fuel system with larger internal fuel tanks.

The Gripen NG is the next generation of the Gripen fighter, which is in service with the air forces of Sweden, the Czech Republic, Hungary and South Africa. It is also ordered by the Royal Thai Air Force and is flown by the Empire Test Pilots School, ETPS, in the UK.


Video: NASA's Ikhana UAV -- Predator B Expands Scientific missions

The aircraft, designed for long-endurance, high-altitude flight, has been modified and instrumented for use in multiple civil research roles.

NASA's Suborbital Science Program within the Science Mission Directorate is Ikhana's primary customer, using the aircraft for Earth science studies. A variety of atmospheric and remote sensing instruments, including duplicates of those sensors on orbiting satellites, can be installed to collect data during flights lasting up to 30 hours. The Suborbital Science Program uses both manned and unmanned aircraft to collect data within the Earth's atmosphere, complementing measurements of the same phenomenon taken from space and those taken on the Earth's surface.


Argentina seeks secondhand fighter purchase

Argentina is examining a $100 million proposal to buy 12 ex-Jordanian air force Dassault Mirage F1CJ fighters and one F1BJ trainer, having rejected a Spanish offer for a similar number of F1s. The deal is being considered as its remaining Mirage IIIEA/DAs are due to be withdrawn in 2012


Científicos alemanes estudian las alas de la lechuza

¿Dónde está el secreto del vuelo silencioso de las lechuzas? ¿Es la forma puntiaguda de la arista delantera de sus alas lo que reduce el volumen de ruido de su vuelo? ¿O se debe a los flecos de la parte posterior?