Joby’s eVTOL aircraft surpasses 150 miles on a single charge

martes, 27 de julio de 2021


Bjorn’s Corner: The challenges of airliner development. Part 13. Later in the Prelaunch Phase


Van’s RV–15 in the works - AOPA 

Van's officials confirmed July 26 that their next airplane will be made of metal like the kit airplanes that preceded it. But it will have a high wing and be "suitable" for backcountry flying at remote airstrips.

"We're excited about the design. It's a large departure," Rian Johnson, president of Van's Aircraft, said. "Patience until we get it just right."

The backcountry RV–15 will be available as a tailwheel aircraft first, and then with tricycle gear later. Most Van's designs are offered with either tailwheel or tricycle landing gear (except the RV–10 and RV–12, which are tricycle only).  The aircraft will feature a stick rather than a yoke.