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viernes, 10 de agosto de 2012



Body found of WWII pilot after his plane found crashed in Egyptian desert? — War History Online



Curiosity Beams Back First 360-Degree Panorama Of Gale Crater

Curiosity Beams Back First 360-Degree Panorama Of Gale Crater: Rocket-Assisted Descent Exposed Martian Bedrock Remarkable image sets from NASA's Curiosity rover and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) are continuing to develop the story of Curiosity's landing and first days on Mars. The images from Curiosity's just-activated navigation cameras, or Navcams, include the rover's first self-portrait, looking down at its deck from above. Another Navcam image set, in lower-resolution thumbnails, is the first 360-degree view of Curiosity's new home in Gale Crater.


First Flight Test For Army's LEMV Air Vehicle

First Flight Test For Army's LEMV Air Vehicle: Medium-Altitude-Long-Endurance Lighter-Than-Air Aircraft Can Operate Manned Or Unmanned In its first flight, the Army's hybrid air vehicle known as the Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle, or LEMV, stayed aloft over Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ, for more than 90 minutes on August 7. The LEMV, like a blimp, is capable of carrying multiple intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance payloads for more than 21 days at altitudes greater than 22,000 feet.


Solar-powered Silent Falcon UAV unveiled

Solar-powered Silent Falcon UAV unveiled:
Silent Falcon has a flight endurance of up to 14 hours
UAVs have become increasingly common in everything from carrying out missile strikes against terrorists to helping map archaeological sites. They come in all sizes from jet-powered behemoths to ones so small that they can sit in your hand. On Monday, Silent Falcon UAS Technologies of Alburquerque, New Mexico rolled out the latest in the small UAV class with the unveiling of its solar-powered Silent Falcon at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) conference in Las Vegas... Continue Reading Solar-powered Silent Falcon UAV unveiled


LEMV First Flight Video and Photos [Updated]

LEMV First Flight Video and Photos [Updated]:


Photos:  Army's LEMV Surveillance Airship Flies


Al Hidro Icon A5 Lo Construirá Cirrus Aircraft

Al Hidro Icon A5 Lo Construirá Cirrus Aircraft: Cirrus Aircraft fabricante de la exitosa líneas de aviones cuatriplazas Cirrus SR20 y SR22 construirá la mayor parte de la estructura de materiales compuestos del hidroavión de la categoría Light Sport Aircraft Icon A5. La empresa Cirrus incorporará unos 60 trabajadores más en los próximos 18 meses para llevar adelante la produccióndel Icon. Los componentes en materiales compuestos del Ico


Video: F-35B First Aerial Weapons Release

Video: F-35B First Aerial Weapons Release:

From the description:

On Aug. 8, an F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter test aircraft completed the program's first aerial weapons release. The aircraft (BF-3) dropped an inert 1,000-pound GBU-32 Joint Direct Attack Munition over an Atlantic test range from an internal weapons bay. Internal weapons carriage allows the F-35 to maintain a low-observable profile when combat loaded. 


X-47B B-roll

X-47B B-roll: Animation of the Northrop Grumman-developed X-47B Unmanned Combat Aerial System, currently under development for the US Navy.