NASA gives Lockheed supersonic transport contract

sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2009

Supersonic commercial transport aircraft concepts for 2018 and beyond are the subject of a NASA-funded study to be carried out by Lockheed Martin.

The work will focus on "systems-level experimental validation activities" and is part of the NASA aeronautics research mission directorate fundamental aeronautics programme's supersonics project.


Edmiston, Eurocopter and Andrew Winch Designs unveil a stunning new helicopter design for the Eurocopter EC155 at Monaco Yacht Show 2009

A year after winning the competition to design the ultimate Super Yacht Range Rover, Andrew Winch Designs (AWD) - a specialist in yacht design - has now taken up yet another challenge to come up with a dream helicopter concept especially for yachts.

The AWD Design, which is based on the Eurocopter EC155 B1 Dauphin, a medium twin-engine helicopter and deemed to complement the AWD Range Rover, will set a new bench mark in helicopter styling. Sporting several external designs inspired by the contours of ocean waves, the AWD designed EC155 B1 features an interior of teak floorings, leather wrap-around adjustable seats fitted with carbon fibre back shells, fold-down central armrests, 'floating' LCD screens, headphones etc.



Boeing y la propaganda 2.0

Anticipándose al relanzamiento del concurso, Boeing ha puesto en
marcha su maquinaria de propaganda, y ha lanzado toda una ofensiva
aprovechando todos los medios a su alcance.


Brasil quiere saber que paso a los Rafales

Los dos Rafales se han estrellado en un momento Critico para
Dasault,pendiente del concurso de cazas de Brasil


Otra iniciativa de...

Otra iniciativa de...



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