Arranca la fabricación del aspirante a convertirse en el nuevo entrenador brasileño, el TX-c Pilgrim

viernes, 18 de enero de 2013

Arranca la fabricación del aspirante a convertirse en el nuevo entrenador brasileño, el TX-c Pilgrim:

Novaer presentó los primeros componentes en fibra de carbono del prototipo del futuro entrenador TX-c Pilgrim (Peregrino), un derivado del experimental K-51 concebido por Ladislao Kovacs, el mismo diseñador del Tucano.

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​Embraer Signs a USD 1.5 Billion Contract with Aldus Aviation for up to 35 E-Jets

Embraer has signed a contract with Aldus Aviation Limited, the Irish lessor, for the sale of 20 E-Jets, five EMBRAER 175 and 15 EMBRAER 190. The contract also includes 15 purchase rights for any E-Jet family model. The deal can reach a total of USD 1.56 billion, in 2012 economics conditions. The firm orders are already included in Embraer’s 2012 fourth quarter backlog, where it was listed as “undisclosed” customer.

“This deal with Aldus Aviation, who uniquely have an exclusively 100% Embraer fleet, confirms the value of the E-Jets as an excellent financial asset for leasing and financing companies,” says Paulo Cesar Silva, President & CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation. “It is exciting to count on Aldus to offer airline companies lease opportunities. Aldus has been a successful partner for Embraer, placing aircraft throughout Europe, Middle East, Australasia and Central and South America and this order will allow new market opportunities to be developed together.”

“The order is a culmination of many years of successful co-operation with Embraer in developing a leasing market for the E-Jet family,” says Stephen Gorman, Chief Executive of Aldus Aviation. “We view the E-Jet family as a key product, not only for Aldus, but for airlines seeking to provide a quality flying experience for passengers and generating profits in a challenging airline market. Several significant opportunities are in prospect and we believe that Embraer E-Jets will be increasingly central to fleet planning in many airlines.”

Since 2004, Embraer has delivered over 900 E-Jets. Currently, 63 airlines in 43 countries choose this versatile family of four aircraft, from 70 to 120 seats. Embraer customers operate the E-Jets in a variety of business models, including network carriers, charter operators and low cost and regional airlines.

E-Jets have established new standards in ergonomics, operational efficiency and economics in the 70 to 120-seats jets category with unique features, such as fly-by-wire technology, which enhances flying characteristics and reduces pilot workload. E-Jets have been successful at assisting airline companies to adjust capacity to demand, replacing old and inefficient aircraft and developing new markets with lower costs, greater efficiency and superior passenger appeal.

About Aldus Aviation

Aldus Aviation Limited is an Irish based international leasing company focused on the ownership and leasing of Embraer's E-Jet (70-120 seat) family of aircraft. Aldus Aviation Limited manages aircraft on behalf of Aldus Aviation Fund Limited and as of Dec 31st 2012, the group had 21 owned Embraer 170/190/195 aircraft deployed in Europe, Middle East, Australasia, and Central and South America. The company acquired its first Embraer aircraft in 2008. The company is managed by a team of experienced industry professionals and is headquartered in Ireland, and has representative offices in the UK, the USA and South Africa. For more information, please visit


General Dynamics y Alenia Aermacchi se unen de cara al concurso de entrenador T-X de la USAF

General Dynamics y Alenia Aermacchi se unen de cara al concurso de entrenador T-X de la USAF:

General Dynamics y la italiana Alenia Aermacchi firmaron una carta de intenciones para unir sus fuerzas de cara al concurso del programa de avión de entrenamiento T-X de la US Air Force, pensado para remplazar a los veteranos T-38 ofreciendo un sistema de adiestramiento de pilotos avanzado completamente integrado a partir del avión T-100 de la segunda, una variante del M-346


Eurocopter admits it will miss EC225 deadline

Eurocopter has finally admitted it cannot meet its self-imposed end-February deadline to return the global EC225 fleet to unrestricted service as it has been unable to identify the root cause of two North Sea ditchings in 2012.

The airframer's chief executive Lutz Bertling made the promise to an oil and gas industry forum in November. However, the manufacturer has now revealed its tests on the main gearbox bevel gear vertical shaft - the component that cracked in both incidents - have failed to produce any concrete answers.

Although it says it has been trying to identify a "most probable root cause" for the issue, it admits "thisEurocopter assumption has not been proven by tests".


Airbus contratará 3.000 personas este año, 400 en España #empleo

El presidente de Airbus, Fabrice Brégier, explicó el 17/01/2013 en conferencia de prensa en Toulouse que la empresa va a seguir creciendo en 2013 después de los 10.000 contratos hechos en 2011 y 2012.


T-50-4 made the first flight from Komsomolsk-on-Amur to Zhukovsky

 Today the fourth flight model of the prospective 5th-generation fighter aircraft (PAK-FA T-50) came to the airport of the M.M.Gromov Flight Research Institute in Zhukovsky near Moscow. The flight of the aircraft was performed for the first time with several intermediate stops from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, production location of these aircraft at the Y.A.Gagarin (KnAAZ) aviation plant. The T-50-4 was piloted by the Distinguished test pilot of the Russian Federation, the Hero of Russia Sergey Bogdan. The aircraft performed well during the flight. There were no reprimands on the performance of engines, systems or equipment.

The first flight of the T-50-4 took place at the airfield "Dzemgi" of Komsomolsk-on-Amur on December 12 last year and lasted forty minutes. The flight was successful and in full accordance with the flight plan.

The first flight of the T-50 fighter took place on January 29, 2010. At present, the work is going on a whole range of ground and flight tests of three aircraft. Soon the T-50-4 fighter will join the tests. To date more than 200 flights were carried out under the flight test program.

The 5th-generation fighter tests are carried out under the task set by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to modernize the Russian Armed Forces and deliver modern aircraft. This work is in the framework of the State Defense Order implementation, which is coordinated by the Military-Industrial Commission. Its chairman, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, today congratulated President of the United Aircraft Corporation Mikhail Pogosyan on the first long-distance flight of T-50-4.


Eurocopter delivers Beijing Capital Helicopter’s first EC135 P2+ helicopter

  • Eurocopter delivers Beijing Capital Helicopter’s first EC135 P2+ helicopter

A ceremony was held on January 15th in Beijing, where the President of Beijing Capital Helicopter, Mr. Xu Li Dong, accepted the Eurocopter EC135 P2+. Beijing Capital Helicopter will begin operating the new helicopter during the upcoming Lunar New Year holidays, offering aerial tours over selected tourist attractions. This brand new light, twin-engine helicopter joins Beijing Capital Helicopter’s current fleet of five Eurocopter AS350 B3 Squirrels. Incidentally, they are the largest operator of this helicopter type in China.

“Beijing Capital Helicopter has played an important role in developing China’s business aviation sector, and the addition of its EC135 P2+ will further enhance the company’s ability to grow with the market,” said Norbert Ducrot, Senior Executive Vice President for Asia Pacific.

The EC135 is a multi-purpose helicopter with an advanced design and state-of-the-art technology. Following today’s delivery to Beijing Capital Helicopter, there are 14 EC135s in China – performing operations for business aviation, emergency medical services, law enforcement and passenger transport.

“The general aviation segment in China has been growing rapidly, resulting in higher demand for light helicopters in the last few years,” said Eurocopter China CEO Bruno Boulnois. “We have set up a comprehensive support network in the country to cater to the current and future needs of our customers as we anticipate the upward trend to continue.”

Beijing Capital Helicopter is an affiliate of Hainan Airlines Group, offering a range of vertical lift solutions that include charter flights, aerial tours, business transportation, aerial prospecting, and medical airlift. It is one of China’s leading integrated helicopter service providers.

About Eurocopter China
Created in December 2006, Eurocopter China is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eurocopter Group, responsible for sales and customer support activities for the company’s entire range of products. In China, Eurocopter China covers a market share of 40%. With 45 years of presence and over 30 years of experience in industrial cooperation in China, around 180 Eurocopter helicopters have been sold in the country. In order to provide quality service in proximity to Chinese operators, Eurocopter China has established a multi-based organization in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Harbin, Chengdu, Wuhan and Hong Kong staffed with around 65 employees.



New Airbus aircraft list prices for 2013

Airbus has increased the average list prices of its aircraft by 3.6 per cent. The new pricing is effective from January 1st 2013. The 3.6 per cent price increase has been calculated according to Airbus’ standard escalation formula over the January 2012 to January 2013 period.

“Our new pricing reaffirms the value of our modern, fuel-efficient aircraft,” said John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers. “Our products consistently help our customers cut their operating costs and reduce their environmental footprint.”

Airbus is the long-term leading aircraft manufacturer with the most modern and comprehensive family of airliners on the market, ranging in capacity from 100 to more than 500 seats. Airbus is known to offer innovative technologies as soon as they become available and has sold over to 12,000 aircraft, with over 7,600 deliveries achieved since the first Airbus aircraft entered service.


  • A318: 70.1
  • A319: 83.6
  • A320: 91.5
  • A321: 107.3
  • A319neo: 92.0
  • A320neo: 100.2
  • A321neo: 117.4
  • A330-200: 216.1
  • A330-200F: 219.1
  • A330-300: 239.4
  • A350-800: 254.3
  • A350-900: 287.7
  • A350-1000: 332.1
  • A380-800: 403.9

Price depends on design weights, engines choice and level of selected customisation.


Airbus supera su objetivo de pedidos y establece nuevos records de entregas de la compañía

Continúa la abrumadora preferencia del mercado por el NEO

Airbus estableció un nuevo record de entregas de 588 aviones a 89 clientes (17 de ellos nuevos) y superó su objetivo de 650 órdenes al conseguir 914 pedidos brutos. Estos incluyen 305 CEO, 478 NEO, 82 A330/A340, 40 A350 XWB y nueve A380. Los pedidos pendientes de entrega de Airbus marcan un nuevo record en la industria con 4.682 aviones, valorados en 638.000 millones de dólares.

Las entregas fueron superiores en un 10% a la marca del año 2011 (534), siendo 2012 el undécimo año consecutivo con aumento de producción. En la categoría de pasillo único, Airbus logró un nuevo record de 455 entregas (421 en 2011). En fuselaje ancho, las entregas alcanzaron la cifra record de 103 aviones (87 en 2011), destacando el éxito de la familia A330 que ha alcanzado la máxima cadencia de producción mensual de su historia (9,5 en 2012, ascendiendo a 10 en la primavera de 2013). La cifra de 30 entregas del A380 supone también una nueva marca para este modelo (26 en 2011).

La cuota de Airbus en ventas totales de aviones (de más de 100 plazas) según su valor es del 41% bruto (41,5% neto) en 2012. Los pedidos netos llegaron hasta los 833 aviones, por un valor de 96.000 millones de dólares. Aquí están incluidos 739 aviones de la familia A320, superando Airbus de este modo las 9.000 órdenes de aviones de pasillo único. De ellos, 478 son NEO, confirmando su supremacía desde su lanzamiento, con más del 62% del mercado. En el segmento de cabina ancha se pidieron 58 A330 y 27 A350 XWB. El A350-1000 recibió importantes apoyos de aerolíneas de primer nivel con una significativa conversión de pedidos a este modelo. En la categoría de aviones gran tamaño, Airbus consiguió nueve de cada diez pedidos, demostrando las preferencias del mercado por el A380.

En 2012, el A350 XWB avanzó según lo esperado. La línea de ensamblaje final pasó a ser plenamente operativa, fue completado el ensamblaje estructural del primer A350 XWB que se pondrá en vuelo, y la primera “puesta en marcha” del avión se llevó a cabo con éxito.
Airbus Military tuvo un año muy satisfactorio, con 29 aviones entregados (20 transportes militares medios y ligeros, 4 conversiones de P-3 y cinco A330 MRTT). Se superó el objetivo de pedidos pese a las difíciles condiciones a nivel global, llegando hasta los 32 (28 C295 y 4 CN235). Además, el A330 MRTT fue seleccionado como opción preferida por el gobierno de la India.

El A400M también progresó según lo previsto, con la finalización de las 300 horas de tests de Función y Fiabilidad de cara a la obtención de certificación tipo completa en el primer trimestre de 2013, con la primera entrega prevista en la primera mitad del año y cuatro más hasta el final del mismo. Actualmente hay cuatro A400M en su fase final de ensamblaje y otros 13 en producción. Los pedidos militares pendientes de entrega se mantienen en 220 (174 A400M, 17 MRTT, cinco CN235, 20 C295, y cuatro P-3).

Airbus contrató a 5.000 nuevos empleados en 2012, elevando la cifra global de empleos hasta los 59.000, teniendo como objetivo para 2013 otros 3.000 más para mantener el desarrollo de todos sus programas.
Mirando atrás a 2012, podemos decir con orgullo que fue un año fantástico. Entregamos un número record de aviones poniendo de manifiesto nuestra creciente eficacia y el mercado demostró, una vez más, su confianza en nuestros productos. En 2012 entregamos el primer avión con Sharklets, y desde nuestra indiscutible posición de líderes en el mercado de pasillo único, la decisión de invertir en el tipo de innovación que genera valor para nuestros clientes empieza a rendir sus dividendos”, comentó Fabrice Bregier, Presidente y Consejero Delegado de Airbus. “Mantenemos nuestras tasas de producción a un ritmo controlado, lo más conveniente para nuestra cadena de suministro, y es un buen augurio para nuestra rentabilidad a largo plazo y brillante futuro.”


Aldus Aviation has been revealed as the previously “undisclosed” buyer for five Embraer E-175s and 15 E-190s

“This deal with Aldus Aviation, who uniquely have an exclusively 100% Embraer fleet, confirms the value of the E-Jets … for leasing and financing companies,” Embraer president and CEO Paulo Cesar Silva said.