Mosquito: la maravilla de madera vuelve a surcar los cielos [video]

lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

Bimotor de material compuesto... laminado de madera con distintas orientaciones, bombardero rápido, caza bimotor... uno de los aviones más versátiles de la IIGM, y hacía 15 años que ningún Mosquito volaba en el mundo.


Boeing Receives $1.9 Billion Contract for 11 P-8A Poseidon Aircraft

  • US Navy orders 3rd phase of low-rate production, bringing total to 24

SEATTLE, Sept. 24, 2012 -- The U.S. Navy on Sept. 21 awarded Boeing [NYSE: BA] a $1.9 billion contract for 11 P-8A Poseidon aircraft, which will take the total fleet to 24 and bolster the service's anti-submarine, anti-surface warfare and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

This third low-rate initial production award follows two last year that totaled 13 aircraft. Boeing has delivered three of the production P-8As, which are based on the company's Next-Generation 737-800 commercial airplane, and the Navy plans to purchase 117 to replace its P-3 fleet.

"This contract is a stepping stone to full-rate production, and our focus remains on building Poseidon on cost and on schedule," said Chuck Dabundo, Boeing vice president and P-8 program manager.

"It has been an exciting and productive year for the P-8A program," said Capt. Aaron Rondeau, P-8A deputy program manager for the Navy. "The fleet operators in Jacksonville are excited to have received their first three aircraft and look forward to the next delivery as they transition from the P-3 to the first P-8 fleet squadron."

Boeing assembles the P-8A aircraft in the same facility where it builds all its 737 aircraft. The Poseidon team uses a first-in-industry in-line production process that draws on Boeing's Next-Generation 737 production system. All P-8A-unique modifications are made in sequence during fabrication and assembly.

After assembly, the aircraft enter Boeing's mission system installation and checkout facility for final modifications.

The Boeing-led team also has built and is testing six flight-test and two ground-test aircraft under a Navy System Development and Demonstration contract awarded in 2004. The test aircraft have completed more than 600 sorties and 2,500 flight hours to date.

Boeing's industry team includes CFM International, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Spirit AeroSystems, BAE Systems and GE Aviation.


Boeing, ANA Announce Orders for 11 787-9 Dreamliners

SEATTLE, Sept. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing [NYSE: BA] and All Nippon Airlines (ANA) announced that the ANA Group has ordered an additional 11 787-9 Dreamliners. The order, valued at $2.7 billion at current list prices, bring the total number of 787s ANA has ordered to 66 airplanes consisting of 36 787-8s and 30 787-9s.

"The improved fuel efficiency and greater seating capacity of the 787-9 will provide ANA with added flexibility," said Hideki Kunugi, Head of Aircraft Purchasing & Sales at ANA. "The new Dreamliners will also help support the profitable expansion of ANA's international and domestic routes in the future."

ANA, the launch customer for the 787 Dreamliner, is Boeing's largest commercial airline customer for the 787 Dreamliner.

"As a repeat 787 customer we are honored to have ANA validate the 787 as a truly game-changing airplane in commercial aviation," said Ihssane Mounir, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Japan, Greater China and Korea, Commercial Airplanes. "We look forward to celebrating many more milestones with ANA and are committed to supporting ANA as we continue to make history together."

The airline has announced plans to launch a new route from Narita to San Jose starting January 2013 using the 787, while current services between Narita and Seattle service will switch to 787 operations on Oct. 1, 2012 and Haneda to Beijing to the 787 on October 28, 2012.

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is a slightly longer version of the 787-8 and will carry 250-290 passengers on routes of 8,000 to 8,500 nautical miles (14,800 to 15,750 kilometers). The 787 provides airlines with incredible fuel efficiency, resulting in exceptional environmental performance. The airplane uses 20 percent less fuel than today's similarly sized airplanes. It travels at a speed of Mach 0.85, which is similar to the speed of other Boeing twin-aisle airplanes.


Philippine Airlines orders 10 more A330s

Airline increases recent order to over 60 Airbus aircraft

Philippine Airlines (PAL) has placed a firm order with Airbus for an additional 10 A330-300 widebody aircraft. The latest purchase agreement follows a major order from the airline in August for 44 single aisle A321s and 10 A330s under the carrier’s fleet modernisation programme.

For its latest order the airline has selected the 240 tonne high gross weight version of the A330, offering extra range capability. This will enable the airline to operate the aircraft non-stop from Manila to any destination in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as to the Middle East and as far as Honolulu in the US.

“This additional order will complete our current medium-to-long range requirements under our fleet modernisation programme,” said PAL Chairman Lucio Tan and PAL President Ramon S. Ang. “With the latest enhanced versions of the A330 we will be providing our passengers the highest levels of in-flight comfort, while benefitting from the low operating costs offered by these super-efficient aircraft.”

“We are extremely pleased that the A330 has been selected by Philippine Airlines to play a key role in its future fleet,” said John Leahy, Chief Operating Officer, Customers, Airbus. “This order once again highlights the success of the A330 as the most popular aircraft in its class, offering the lowest operating costs, proven reliability and a great in-flight experience.”

The A330 is one of the most widely-used widebody aircraft in service today. Airbus has recorded over 1,200 orders for the various versions of the aircraft, with more than 900 delivered to 120 customers and operators worldwide. In addition to passenger and freighter aircraft, the A330 is also available in VIP and military transport / tanker variants.


Carl Zeiss Optronics becomes Cassidian Optronics

01 October 2012

  • Cassidian takes a majority share in the optronics division of Carl Zeiss AG
  • Strategic acquisition enables growth of sensor business

Cassidian has acquired a majority shareholding in what was previously Carl Zeiss Optronics GmbH from Carl Zeiss AG. Cassidian now holds a 75.1 % stake in the new company, which has its headquarters in Oberkochen, Germany, while Carl Zeiss AG holds 24.9 %. All of the optical and optronic activities previously carried out by Carl Zeiss Optronics GmbH are to be continued under the name of “Cassidian Optronics GmbH”. This includes also the South African subsidiary Carl Zeiss Optronics (Pty) Ltd. soon trading under “Cassidian Optronics (Pty) Ltd.”. This was announced by Cassidian in Munich.

Bernhard Gerwert, CEO of Cassidian, said: “Carl Zeiss Optronics represents a valuable addition to our existing capabilities in the field of sensors. In coming years, this will enable us to offer complete sensor solutions to customers around the world, supplying everything required ourselves.”

For Cassidian, the acquisition of this part of Carl Zeiss AG is a strategic addition to its existing product portfolio. Cassidian Optronics will exploit Cassidian’s global sales channels and its know-how, to provide its existing business activities with a long-term perspective. Both partners expect that the combination of market access and the integration into Cassidian’s systems and platform business will open up new business opportunities. The company will be integrated into Cassidian’s “Sensors & Electronic Warfare” business line.

Cassidian’s “Sensors & Electronic Warfare” business line develops and manufactures products in the fields of radar, electronic warfare, air traffic control and self-protection in Germany, France, Belgium and South Africa.

At its German locations of Oberkochen and Wetzlar, as well as at its South African site in Irene, Cassidian employs about 780 staff in the development and manufacture of optronic, optical and precision-engineered products for military and civil applications. The emphasis here is placed on border surveillance systems, optical and optoelectronic equipment, components for vehicles and submarine periscopes


Helicópteros AH-1Z Cobra y AH-64D Apache para Corea

Helicópteros AH-1Z Cobra y AH-64D Apache para Corea:

La Agencia de Defensa, Cooperación y Seguridad (DCSA) ha notificado al Congreso de los Estados Unidos el interés de Corea del Sur por adquirir  72 Helicópteros de Combate: 36 Bell AH-1Z Cobra y 36 Boeing AH-64D Apache Block III Longbow. El monto se cifraría en 6.200 millones de dólares. 


Suben de nuevo las tasas aéreas un mínimo del 8,5%

Suben de nuevo las tasas aéreas un mínimo del 8,5%:
Madrid.- A escasos tres meses de la entrada en vigor en España de una subida de casi un 20% de las tasas aéreas ,  el proyecto de Presupuestos Generales del Estado  (PGE) para el año 2013, presentado en las Cortes el pasado sábado, anuncia una nueva subida del 8,5% como  mínimo para dentro de otros tres meses.


Bruselas propone negociar con socios de la UE para impulsar el sector aeronáutico

Bruselas propone negociar con socios de la UE para impulsar el sector aeronáutico:

Las propuestas incluyen abrir negociaciones con socios importantes para poder acceder a nuevas oportunidades comerciales en los mercados de crecimiento rápido, desarrollar nuevas herramientas para luchar contra la competencia desleal y crear las condiciones reglamentarias adecuadas para estimular la inversión.


Flying robots cooperate to play catch

Flying robots cooperate to play catch:
Flying quadrocopters at ETH Zurich's Flying Machine Arena catch and launch a ball using a ...
Swiss researchers have published a new video showcasing the impressive aerial cooperation capabilities of robotic quadrocopters. In the demonstration, a trio of quadrocopters tethered to a net fly in formation to catch balls tossed at them. Once they've caught the ball in the net, they are able to launch it upwards by stretching the net at each end... Continue Reading Flying robots cooperate to play catch


Lufthansa crece en el mercado español por el “hueco” dejado por las nacionales

Lufthansa crece en el mercado español por el “hueco” dejado por las nacionales:

El grupo Lufthansa ha crecido un 35 por ciento en el mercado español

La demanda de vuelos de Lufthansa en el mercado español ha crecido en los últimos cinco años debido al hecho de que las compañías nacionales se han centrado más en el crecimiento internacional, según destacó el vicepresidente de Ventas para Europa del grupo aéreo,  Götz Ahmelmann.
Según se concretó, este i


Por la tensión diplomática entre China y Japón se cancelan más de 52.000 vuelos

Por la tensión diplomática entre China y Japón se cancelan más de 52.000 vuelos: En las últimas semanas se ha dado un recrudecimiento de las tensiones entre China y Japón a causa de una disputa territorial, y el tema no ha pasado desapercibido para el sector aéreo de ambos países. Así, han sido cancelados más de 52.000 reservas de vuelos de las aerolíneas japonesas All Nippon Airways (ANA) y Japan Airlinea (JAL), todos con destino a China y con fecha entre septiembre y


KAI developing 'suicide combat UAV'

KAI developing 'suicide combat UAV': Korea Aerospace Industries is developing a new long-range guided weapon that can cruise to a location before loitering and attacking a target ...


Northrop to continue support for USAF's A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft

Northrop to continue support for USAF's A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft: Northrop Grumman has received two additional task orders from the US Air Force (USAF) to continue support for the A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft.


BAE to develop F-35 JSF integration model for Australia

BAE to develop F-35 JSF integration model for Australia: BAE Systems Australia has been selected to support the development of an operational model for integration of the Lockheed Martin-built F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter (JSF) aircraft into the Australian Defence Environment.


Embraer contracts Aerotron and LH Colus for KC-390 components

Embraer contracts Aerotron and LH Colus for KC-390 components: Embraer Defense and Security has selected two Brazilian companies, Aerotron and LH Colus to serve as component suppliers for the KC-390 tanker aircraft programme, being developed for the country’s Air Force (FAB).


Chinese Airport Integrates Bird Control System During Construction

Chinese Airport Integrates Bird Control System During Construction: Included Multiple Electronic Repellers In Airport Design The Kunming Changshui International Airport – located in the southwestern portion of China – has been designed and constructed with an integrated comprehensive bird control system. Since the New Kunming Airport opened in June of this year, airport facility managers have reported a significant reduction in pest bird presence.


Honda Aircraft Company Breaks Ground On New MRO Facility

Honda Aircraft Company Breaks Ground On New MRO Facility: Another Milestone Reached As Aircraft Nears Production Honda Aircraft Company broke ground Thursday on a new Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul facility (MRO) located at the company’s world headquarters at the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, NC. The approximately 90,000 square foot building will be completed next year, with occupancy slated by the second half of 2013, prior to the HondaJet aircraft’s entry into service.


KC-46A Could Be Sequestration Target

KC-46A Could Be Sequestration Target: Automatic Budget Cuts Might Affect The Program The KC-46A tanker program could fall victim to automatic budget cuts that are possible this winter, but it is not certain that the program would be stopped.


NASA Planning Deep-Space Outpost

NASA Planning Deep-Space Outpost: Would Orbit Earth At 277,000 Miles NASA has a plan on the drawing board that would establish an outpost some 277,000 miles from the Earth, according to documents obtained by a Florida newspaper. The space station would maintain an orbit beyond that of the moon, and be a "staging area" for potential Lunar and Martian missions.