Castro visita EADS CASA donde le trasmiten la necesidad de nuevos terrenos

miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009

Getafe, 23 sep (EFE).- El alcalde de Getafe, Pedro Castro, junto con
una comitiva de miembros del Ayuntamiento, ha visitado hoy las
instalaciones de EADS CASA, donde le han transmitido la necesidad de
llegar a un acuerdo con la Comunidad de Madrid en el tema Carpetania
para poder desarrollar sus nuevos proyectos en la región.


747-8 on track for mid-October move to flight line
Boeing is putting the final touches on the first 747-8 and has begun a
final phase of indoor tests as it prepares to roll the aircraft out to
the flight line in mid October.


Indian Built Fighters On Indian Built Carriers
September 23, 2009: The Indian Navy is buying six of the new LCA
(Light Combat Aircraft, or "Tejas") fighters to fly from the new
carriers they will enter service in the next five years. This is an
experiment to see how the LCA will do as a carrier aircraft. The navy
has already bought navalized MiG-29s for these carriers. The navy LCAs
will also be navalized (mainly stronger landing gear, a tail hook and
different cockpit electronics.) The MiG-29K weighs 21 tons (16 percent
weapons), while the navalized LCA weighs 13 tons, 34 percent of that
Aditional info about LCA:


China, Russia doing study on new heavy-lift helicopter

Chinese state-owned helicopter manufacturer Avicopter is working with
Russia to develop a heavy-lift helicopter and hopes to have it flying
within five to 10 years.

It will be greater than 20t and we are working with Russia "to do the
feasibility study and work out the general configuration", says
Avicopter VP international operations and marketing Xia Qunlin. He
says the partner is Russian Helicopters, the consortium that includes


UAV & Drones News

The Mosquito: Israel's Unique Micro-Unmanned Aircraft
Weighing only 500 grams, the Mosquito is almost half as light as the
micro-class UAVs developed thus far. It has a range of two kilometers
and can run autonomously for 40 minutes at a time, even in winds of up
to 25 knots. Equipped with a miniature camera, the micro-UAV can be
maneuvered from the launch site by troops monitoring it in flight.
[...] IAI researchers developed a unique, hand-held launching system
adapted from the design of a fishing harpoon. The harpoon design,
according to IAI officials, is reliable, compact...

PICTURES: Saab team demonstrates VTUAV family to potential buyer
Saab has conducted the first customer demonstration with its recently
expanded family of vertical take-off and landing unmanned air


Europe orders more Airbus sensor checks

PARIS, Sept 23 (Reuters) - European safety officials have ordered
checks on certain Airbus (EAD.PA) speed sensors supplied by U.S.
manufacturer Goodrich (GR.N), weeks after clamping down on alternative
equipment from France's Thales (TCFP.PA).

In an airworthiness directive dated Sept. 22, the European Aviation
Safety Agency said there had been reports of loose fittings on a
number of Goodrich sensors, known as pitot probes.


Groundbreaking Bio Jet Fuel Agreement Announced

Wed, 23 Sep '09 
Companies See Demand Of 280(M) Barrels Annually
BioJet Corporation (formerly JatrophaBioJet)and E85 LLC jointly announced Monday that they have executed a Bio-SPK forward contract for the sale by BioJet and the purchase by E85 of 4 million barrels of aviation bio jet fuel. "Bio-SPK" is now the proper aviation industry term for bio jet fuel and the fuel delivered under this contract will meet ASTM International specifications. Other than quantity, the terms of the contract were undisclosed.


Pratt & Whitney To Cut 1000 Jobs In Connecticut

Wed, 23 Sep '09 
Work Transferring To Georgia, Asia
Pratt & Whitney will cut 1,000 jobs from its two Connecticut locations, as it transfers that work to plants in Georgia, Singapore, and Japan.


A300 and A310 Air Directive, Nose Landing Gear

SUMMARY: The FAA is superseding an existing airworthiness directive (AD), which applies to certain Airbus Model A300 and A310 series airplanes. That AD currently requires replacement of the nose landing gear drag strut upper attachment pin. This new AD requires revising the Airworthiness Limitations section (ALS) of the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) to require additional life limits and/or replacements for certain main landing gear and nose landing gear components, and also expands the applicability. This AD results from revisions to the ALS of the ICA to include new or more restrictive life limits and/or replacements. We are issuing this AD to ensure the continued structural integrity of these airplanes.


747 ir Worthines Directive, cracks

AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT.

ACTION: Final rule.

SUMMARY: We are adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Boeing Model 747 airplanes. This AD requires repetitive inspections for cracking of the fuselage frames in section 41, and corrective actions if necessary. This AD results from reports of cracking in fuselage frames made of 2024 aluminum alloy that were installed during previous modification of the frames in section 41 and during production. We are issuing this AD to detect and correct frame cracks, which could result in cracking of the adjacent fuselage skin and consequent rapid decompression of the airplane.


China expects big interest in home-made jet

BEIJING — The designer of China's largest home-produced commercial jet
expects strong interest from domestic and overseas buyers when it
starts taking orders next year, state media reported Wednesday.

Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), designer of the C919
jet, is in talks with potential customers and hopes to get about 90
orders in the first half of 2010, the Beijing Morning Post said,
citing a COMAC official.


Alenia pushes to streamline costs for Italian F-35 plant

Alenia Aeronautica is seeking to streamline costs for a proposed final
assembly and check out (FACO) facility based in Italy for the Lockheed
Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

The Italian plant at Cameri air base would open with only the
"essential" needs, and striking "costly" equipment and tooling that
Lockheed uses to meet production rate targets at the F-35's primary
assembly centre in Fort Worth, Texas, says Alenia CEO Giovanni


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