Indian Air Force to finalise A330 aircraft for MRTT contract

lunes, 7 de enero de 2013

Indian Air Force to finalise A330 aircraft for MRTT contract: The Indian Air Force (IAF) is set to finalise Airbus Military's A330 MRTT over Russian Ilyushin IL-78 air-to-air refuelling tanker for the potential Rs85bn ($1.56bn) multi-role tanker transport (MRTT) aircraft contract.


Satellites Spot China’s Y-20 new Cargo Warplane

The new imagery is sharper, more detailed and shot from a higher angle than the grainy first photos of the Y-20 that appeared on Chinese internet forums in late December, providing a much more reliable basis for assessing the transport’s layout. Apparently slightly smaller than the U.S. Air Force’s workhorse C-17, the Y-20 sports the same wide swept wing and T-shaped tail as the Boeing-made C-17, blueprints of which China obtained several years ago through a spy working for the Chicago-based plane manufacturer.

The Y-20 will probably need lots of work. Indeed, when it comes to jet-transport technology Beijing is “falling behind, not catching up,” John Pike, an analyst with the Virginia-based, writes in an e-mail to Danger Room.

Specifically, the Y-20 needs new engines — and there’s little evidence that Beijing is making much progress on that front. The prototype is reportedly fitted with old, Russian-made D-30 engines that probably aren’t adequate for the Y-20′s design.

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Satélites norteamericanos captan imágenes de las pruebas del Y-20 chino

Satélites norteamericanos captan imágenes de las pruebas del Y-20 chino:

Las imágenes de dicho satélites, a las que tuvo acceso la revista norteamericana 'Wired', muestran que el Y-20 tiene el mismo "ala en flecha ancha y la cola en forma de T" como el avión de transporte C-17 de Boeing, de cuyos planos China obtuvo copias hace varios años a través de un espía que trabajaba para el fabricante de aviones con sede en Chicago.


"Superjet" turbofan-turbojet hybrid jet engine could power future fighter aircraft

GE Aviation is developing a revolutionary new jet engine that aims to combine the best traits of turbojet and turbofan engines, delivering supersonic speed capability and fuel efficiency in one package.

The new engines are being developed under the USAF ADVENT project, which is seeking 25 percent fuel saving which will in turn lead to an increase in mission capability.


NASA Green Aviation Project To Move Into Next Phase Of Research | Aero-News Network

NASA's Environmentally Responsible
Aviation (ERA) Project is moving forward
with its research efforts to "green" the
skies. ERA is developing aircraft concepts
and technologies to help reduce the impact
of aviation on the environment during the
next 30 years.
Fay Collier, ERA project manager based at
NASA's Langley Research Center in
Hampton, VA, will unveil the project's next
steps, which include large-scale
demonstrations, at the 51st American
Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(AIAA) Aerospace Sciences Meeting,
Monday, Jan. 7, near Dallas.