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Airplane A Variant Of The 737-700 Airliner
Tactical Airlift Program Office (PMA-207) and industry partner, Boeing delivered a C-40A Clipper to the U.S. Naval Reserve Nov. 21, one month ahead of schedule.

"The C-40 has been successfully serving the fleet since 2001, and I am very proud that we were able to deliver the 13th plane ahead of schedule," said Doug Dawson, PMA-207 program manager. "In today's fiscally constrained environment, it speaks volumes to the hard work and dedication of our industry partner."


Red Bull Air Race: Juan Velarde and François Le Vot move up to the Master Class for the 2015 season

Red Bull Air Race press release

Le Vot, a former French Air Force fighter pilot, and Velarde, a former Spanish aerobatic champion, both excelled in the Challenger Cup in 2014. The cup was designed to give aspiring pilots the chance to prepare their skills for the RBAR World Championship in a less pressurised racing environment.

Le Vot, known as Zool in racing circles, will become the second French pilot in the competition alongside Nicolas Ivanoff. Velarde is hoping to enthuse his fellow Spaniards for the Red Bull Air Race. Previous seasons have seen more than a million spectators turn up to watch each of the two races in Barcelona in 2006 and 2009.

Velarde, one of the best Spanish aviators of his generation, has spent many years working towards becoming a Red Bull Air Race competitor. "It's one of the greatest things that has ever happened in my life," said Velarde, 40. "It's the chance of a lifetime."

He began flying aerobatics in 1999 and took part in every European and World Aerobatic Championship between 2004 and 2011, helping Spain win the Team Silver Medal at the 2007 World Aerobatic Championships. Velarde won the Spanish overall national aerobatic championship in 2010.

"It's a great honor and a great opportunity to compete against the best in the world," said Le Vot, 44, who left the French Air Force as 'le Capitaine' after a 12 year career flying an AlphaJet. Le Vot is an accomplished aerobatic pilot with a decade of successes in both the World and European Unlimited Aerobatic Championships, winning a European silver medal in 2012 and helping the French team to win the gold medal. He also won the individual World Aerobatic Championship title in 2013.

"Thanks to the knowledge and practice gained in the Challenger Cup competition, the two new pilots will start their Master Class careers with more experience than any first-year pilot before. The overall level of the pilots' experience and skill will be higher than ever," said Jim DiMatteo, Race Director at Red Bull Air Race at the recent Qualification Camp where the two pilots gained their Unrestricted Red Bull Air Race Super Licence.


The challenges in bringing a new turboprop to market

The challenges in bringing a new turboprop to market
// Leeham News and Comment

By Philippe Poutissou
Special to Leeham News and Comment
Dec. 15, 2014: The market for turboprop aircraft has been strong for nearly a decade, yet there has been limited new product development in the segment. This has some regional airlines getting nervous about their future, in particular those who specialize in serving smaller markets with 30- to 50- seat turboprops built in the 1980s and 1990s. Which aircraft will replace the robust, but not indestructible, Bombardier DHC-8, Saab 340 and Embraer Brasilias?

Setting aside the technical challenges of developing and certifying a new aircraft type (of which there is ample evidence), the market challenge for smaller turboprops comes down to a question of limited revenue potential. Due to overall pressure on aircraft prices and demand that is highly fragmented, the business case for an aircraft OEM becomes risky and difficult to justify.

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Northrop Grumman choisi pour livrer des drones à la Corée du Sud - Challenges.fr [feedly]

Northrop Grumman choisi pour livrer des drones à la Corée du Sud - Challenges.fr
// northrop: Google Noticias

Northrop Grumman choisi pour livrer des drones à la Corée du Sud
WASHINGTON, 17 décembre (Reuters) - Northrop Grumman Corp a remporté un appel d'offres de 657,4 millions de dollars (525,5 millions d'euros) lancé par l'armée de l'air américaine pour fournir quatre drones de surveillance à la Corée du Sud, ont ...


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Boeing Breaks Ground in St. Louis for New Composites Center [feedly]

Boeing Breaks Ground in St. Louis for New Composites Center
// MediaRoom

Facility to support 777X work and future opportunities

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Boeing reveals 777-9X dimensions in airport brief [feedly]

Boeing reveals 777-9X dimensions in airport brief
// Aircraft news

Boeing has revealed a preliminary set of external dimensions for the 777-9X aircraft as part of its campaign to prepare airports far in advance of a scheduled entry into service in 2020.

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Polish air force to acquire new VIP transports [feedly]

Polish air force to acquire new VIP transports
// Aircraft news

Polish defence minister Tomasz Siemoniak has announced plans to purchase two VIP transport aircraft, each to be capable of carrying a maximum of 12-14 passengers.

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Boeing sitting on eight unsold C-17s, with more orders pending [feedly]

Boeing sitting on eight unsold C-17s, with more orders pending
// Aircraft news

​Boeing has slowly but surely sold off the C-17 Globemasters that will be produced before it closes down the production line next summer, but it will likely end the year with eight white tails on its hands.

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Airbus Helicopters' China-based training and support activities receive EASA airworthiness approval [feedly]

Airbus Helicopters' China-based training and support activities receive EASA airworthiness approval
// Airbus Helicopters

The European airworthiness authority has validated Airbus Helicopters' flight training and support services in China, endorsing the high quality standards of these operations and their contribution to safety in one of the world's most rapidly-growing rotorcraft markets.

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Tail-sitter VTOL Return: X PlusOne drone hovers steady, but also flies nose-first at 60 mph

Both Google and Belgium's Katholieke Universiteit Leuven are working on drone-based delivery projects that utilize UAVs which take off and land vertically, but that can also tip sideways to transition into fast and efficient fixed-wing flight.

And the solution is much similar to those lates 40s and 50s Triebflügel, Convair XFY-1 Pogo  or Lockheed XFV-1. But hybridizing them with a quad-copter.

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Russian MI-17 Simulator



New aerial firefighting system gulps water faster



MH370: Malaysia Ignored Crucial Evidence, Watchdog Website Says



Note To Airline Pilots: Don't Let Passengers Fly The Plane



Cessna CAIGA joint venture begins deliveries of Citation XLS jets in China

essna Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of Textron Aviation Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE:TXT) company, announced today the first deliveries of the Citation XLS+ business jets from the company's joint venture operations in Zhuhai. The joint venture (CESSNA-AVIC Aircraft (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.) between Cessna and China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Company Ltd. (CAIGA) is delivering the first two Citation XLS+ aircraft to Guangzhou Zhongheng Group, Ltd. as part of the company's activities during Airshow China, Nov.11 - 16 in Zhuhai.

"Businesses around the world have continued to select the Citation XLS+ because of its unique blend of performance capabilities and operational efficiencies," said Scott Ernest, president and CEO, Textron Aviation. "We are honored to celebrate Guangzhou Zhongheng Group as our Citation XLS+ launch customer in China and commend the company for evaluating the options in the market and choosing this aircraft as the productivity tool that will help grow their business throughout the region."

As a large enterprise covering various market segments including pharmaceuticals, hospitality, real estate, and food and beverage, Guangzhou Zhongheng Group selected the Citation XLS+ to provide greater access to locations where the company has facilities and customers.

"Having the ability to quickly meet face-to-face with business partners and customers is key to our continued success and business growth," said Madam Xu Shuqing, chairman and president, Guangzhou Zhongheng Group. "By selecting the Citation XLS+, we know we are not only making a wise investment choice for our growing company, but that we are also backed by the unmatched breadth of support and expertise within Textron Aviation."

The Citation XLS+ is the world's most sought-after business jet. Business owners consistently have chosen the Citation XLS+ more than any other aircraft in the light midsize category for its unparalleled combination of comfort, ease of operation, range of mission capabilities and favorable operating efficiencies. The aircraft provides customers access from Beijing to Hong Kong and Hong Kong to Shanghai, well within a one-day trip. Inside is the largest cabin in its class with nearly 19 feet (5.64 meters) of length, a dropped aisle that provides 68 inches (173 cm) of height the entire length of the cabin and seating for up to 12 passengers. It travels as fast as 441 knots (817 kilometers/hour) with a range of more than 2,000 nautical miles (3,700 kilometers) at long range cruise, departing from runways as short as 3,560 feet (1,085 meters).

More than 6,600 Cessna Citations have been delivered to customers around the world since 1972. Citations are the largest fleet of business jets in the world and have surpassed 30 million flight hours

Photo of Citation XLS+


Cessna sees uptick in Caravan interest among Asia-Pacific operators during first year of joint venture with CAIGA

Cessna Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of Textron Aviation, Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, today called the first year of operations at Cessna-AVIC Aircraft (Shijiazhuang) Co., Ltd. a success. The joint venture between Cessna and China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Company (CAIGA) assembles and delivers Caravan utility turboprop aircraft for the Chinese market. A Grand Caravan EX is one of four Cessna and Beechcraft aircraft at the Textron Aviation static display this week during Airshow China 2014 in Zhuhai.

"The joint venture with CAIGA has been an efficient way to provide solutions to the marketplace as business aviation continues to expand in China," said Bill Harris, vice president, Sales in the region. "The reliability and versatility of the Cessna Caravan make it particularly well suited for growing global markets like China. We're seeing customers order configurations for executive travel, hauling freight, aerial survey and tourism."

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) granted approval for the Cessna Grand Caravan EX to operate on floats in China in March of this year resulting in an increase in orders for amphibian models.

Previously unannounced orders for Grand Caravan EX Amphibian aircraft include Meiya Air for aerial sightseeing in Wuzhizhou Island of Sanya and Joy Air, which recently started charter tourism flights among Shanghai, Zhoushan and Shengsi Islands.

In addition, earlier this year the joint venture announced an order for 10 Cessna Grand Caravan EX Amphibian aircraft from Reignwood Group to expand its aircraft services and operate tourism flights in the southeast part of China.

"We're seeing a tremendous floatplane trend in the region as the number of operators increase to meet demand from tourists here," Harris said. "We are holding the first Floatplane Operator Conference in December at our Shijiazhuang joint venture facility to help build a community among current and prospective operators. We're interested in supporting the long-term growth of the floatplane industry in China and general aviation as a whole, as our joint venture activity shows."

The joint venture results from the agreement signed in 2012 with CAIGA, a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). The joint venture began officially operating when its business license was approved in September 2013 by the Ministry of Commerce. Cessna's Wichita, Kansas, operations provide components and parts manufacturing and sub-assemblies for the Caravan aircraft sold by the joint venture. The joint venture operations in Shijiazhuang include final assembly, paint, testing, interior installation, customization, flight testing and delivery of the Cessna Caravan to in-country customers.

More than 2,200 Caravan aircraft have been manufactured by Cessna since the aircraft was introduced in 1985. There are five models currently available: the Caravan, the Grand Caravan EX, the Super Cargomaster EX, the Caravan Amphibian and the Grand Caravan EX Amphibian. Cessna began deliveries of the upgraded Grand Caravan EX in 2013, and it is now flying diverse missions around the world, including airline operations in Russia, travel companies in the Hawaiian and the Caribbean islands, construction and energy companies in the United States, aid organizations on wildlife rescue missions in Africa and aviation clubs in the Middle East. For more information about the various Caravan aircraft and their capabilities, go to Cessna.com/Caravan.

Photo of Grand Caravan EX

About Textron Aviation Inc.
Textron Aviation Inc. is the leading general aviation authority and home to the iconic Beechcraft, Cessna and Hawker brands, which account for more than half of all general aviation aircraft flying. The Textron Aviation companies include Cessna Aircraft Company and Beechcraft Corporation, bringing together decades of unmatched experience in designing, building and supporting airplanes. It provides the most versatile and comprehensive general aviation product portfolio in the world through five principal lines of business: business jets, general aviation and special mission turboprop aircraft, high performance piston aircraft, military trainer and defense aircraft, and a complete global customer service organization. Its broad range of products include such best-selling aircraft as Citation and Hawker business jets, King Air and Caravan turboprops and T-6 military trainer aircraft, all of which are backed by the industry's largest global service network. For more information, visit textronaviation.com.

About CESSNA-AVIC (Shijiazhuang) Co., Ltd.
CESSNA-AVIC Aircraft (Shijiazhuang) Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Cessna Aircraft Company and China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd. (CAIGA), obtained its business license from the Ministry of Commerce in September 2013. Joint venture operations conduct final assembly of Cessna Caravans for the Chinese market including assembly, paint, testing, interior installation, customization, flight testing and delivery of the Caravan to in-country customers. Deliveries of aircraft by the joint venture began in December 2013.


Embraer Releases China Regional Aviation Market Outlook 2014-2033

Embraer forecasts that 1,020 new 70 to 130-seat jets will be demanded by the Chinese regional aviation market by 2033, representing 16% of global deliveries of jets in that segment, as released in Embraer's China Regional Aviation Market Outlook in a press conference today, during the 10th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province.

"Consensus has been reached that regional aviation plays a significant role in improving the connectivity, fostering economic advances, and enhancing the social welfare of China's remote areas. Development of regional aviation is also important for building China into an aviation powerhouse," said Guan Dongyuan, Senior Vice President of Embraer and President of Embraer China. "As the world's largest manufacturer of jets up to 130 seats, Embraer has been, and will continue to be committed to the development of China's regional aviation, jointly with our industry peers."

As forecasted, in the coming two decades, air travel in China will increase 6.8% annually, fostered by the country's sustained economic growth, with an expected 5.5% annual GDP growth rate. Fast urbanization and a growing middle class will also contribute to building China into one of the world's fastest growing markets.

Regional aviation, supported by civil aviation policies over the past decade, is experiencing rapid development and playing an irreplaceable role in the air transport system. With the launch of the "Essential Air Service" program, the improvement of incentive policies, and more regional airports coming online in central and western China, the regional aviation sector is assured a promising future.

Yet, by an in-depth analysis of the current market weaknesses and insufficiencies, the Outlook finds that the mismatch between market demand and aircraft type results in poor connectivity and lower frequencies, while airlines call for right-sized aircraft to unlock the huge potential in the country's secondary and tertiary markets, and to avoid irrational and unhealthy competition both on trunk lines and in regional aviation. The new generation of 70 to 130-seat regional jets, with lower operating cost and high performance, can be used in different business models.

The projection is for three hundred 70 to 90-seat jets and seven hundred twenty 90 to 130-seat jets. 87% of new deliveries will be deployed to support market growth, while 13% will replace old aircraft in the current fleet, which includes 50-seat airplanes.

Since the first Embraer jet was delivered to the China market, Embraer has logged 216 firm orders, to date, including 181 commercial jets. Over 100 Embraer commercial jets are currently flying on more than 600 routes serving over 130 cities in this country. Embraer now has an 80% share of China's regional aviation market.

Read the "Embraer China Market Outlook (2014-2033)", in both Chinese and English, at www.embraer.com.cn/outlook


​Embraer Forecast 700 New Deliveries of up to 130-seat Jets in Latin America over the Next 20 Years

Embraer Commercial Aviation forecasts that airlines in Latin America will take delivery of 700 new jets in the 70 to 130-seat segment over the next 20 years, representing 11% of the worldwide demand for the segment in the period. It is estimated that 63% of these units will support growth and 37% will replace older-generation aircraft. The 70 to 130-seat jet fleet will increase from the currently 280 units to 750 by 2033.

With economic growth and investments leading to more regional integration, secondary markets are poised to drive the demand for new air travel. And for this, fleet optimization and right-sizing will be key.

"The commercial aviation market in Latin America has experienced unprecedented development over these last years", said Simon Newitt, Embraer Vice President, Commercial Aviation, Latin America. "We are proud of the positive contribution the E-Jet fleet has played, and will continue to play, in the growth and prosperity across the continent."

The first delivery of an E -Jet in Latin America occurred in 2005, when Panama's Copa Airlines received an E190. Currently, nearly 200 E-Jets are in service with 8 operators from 7 countries in the region, where Embraer is the leader in the segment of jets up to 130 seats with 70% of market share.

The region will report solid economic annual growth of 3.8% over the next 20 years based on a favorable external environment, political and macroeconomic stability, and more equitable income distribution. Per capita GDP will increase by 2.9% annually from USD 9,050 to USD 15,960 in the same period. The annual growth in demand for air transport has been robust over the last five years at 7.0%, a trend that is expected to continue over the next 20 years, when the region will grow 6.0% annually.

Despite the dominance of larger aircraft, Latin America is mostly comprised by low and mid-density markets – 80% of which have traffic volumes up to 300 daily passengers. In 2013, over 50% of all intra-regional markets had one or fewer daily flights using narrow-body jets. This imbalance of capacity and demand can create inefficiency.

As seen at a number of leading airlines across the continent, the use of aircraft in the 70 to 130-seat segment can effectively improve connectivity in low and mid-density markets, and complement narrow-body flights during off-peak hours on trunk routes. Whilst the airlines are able to improve operating efficiency and profitability through the use of such capacity, the passengers also benefit from having more choice and convenience.

The E-Jets family has logged more than 1,500 orders and over 1,000 deliveries to date. The aircraft are in service with some 65 customers from 45 countries


​Embraer’s Legacy 500 receives EASA certification

Cologne, Germany, December 16, 2014 – Embraer's Legacy 500 executive jet today was granted certification by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) during a ceremony at its headquarters, in Cologne, Germany. This approval enables entry into service of the aircraft in the Member States of the European Union as well as in EASA associated countries.

"EASA's certification is a very important achievement for the Legacy 500, which is introducing advanced technologies and superior comfort in the midsize class," said Marco Túlio Pellegrini, President and CEO of Embraer Executive Jets. "The approval of this revolutionary aircraft is a testament to our commitment to deliver true innovation to the market."

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Airbus Group announces top management changes


Airbus Group COO Günter Butschek has resigned and will leave at the end of 2014 to pursue other career opportunities. Airbus EVP-programs Tom Williams will succeed Butschek as of Jan. 1, 2015.

Airbus Group CEO Tom Enders said, "I regret Günter's resignation. He joined us in 2011, at a time when we were facing a number of challenges in our industrial strategy and in operations. Since then, Airbus has benefited greatly from his automotive-rich experience and personal leadership. I thank him for all he brought to the company, among which the Airbus Operating System is only one of his achievements. I wish him all the best for the future. At the same time, I cannot think of anybody better suited internally than Tom Williams to replace Günter. It requires significant operational experience to be the COO of Airbus and Tom has all it takes to succeed in this critically important job."


Boeing selects Rockwell Collins flight displays, integrated surveillance and select flight control systems for 777X


777X flight deck shares commonality with 787 Dreamliner, 737 MAX

This contract is in addition to Rockwell Collins' previously announced award to provide the Flight Control Module for the 777X Integrated Flight Control Electronics fly-by-wire system. Together, these awards rival the content that Rockwell Collins provides Boeing for the 787 Dreamliner and triples the amount of supplier-furnished equipment that it has on the 777X when compared to previous generations of the airplane.


Alcoa to acquire aircraft engine components maker TITAL


Alcoa has signed a deal to acquire TITAL, a producer of titanium and aluminium structural castings for aircraft engines and airframes.

With this acquisition, Alcoa is seeking to further expand its global aerospace business and meet increasing demand for jet engine components made of titanium.


Wright ‘B’ Flyer To Be Built At Original Factory


Wright "B" Flyer Inc. will build the airplane at the Wright Company factory site in Dayton, OH with the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) providing valuable support. Final assembly will take place inside the original Wright factory buildings more than a century after it first opened. America's first airplane factory will become active again.