Navy to outfit an X-47B prototype with refueling gear - Defense Systems

lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Navy to outfit an X-47B prototype with refueling gear - Defense Systems:

Navy to outfit an X-47B prototype with refueling gear
Defense Systems
“A carrier-based [Unmanned Combat Air System] with an unrefueled combat radius of 1500 nautical miles or more and unconstrained by pilot physiology offers a significant boost in carrier combat capability,” said the Center for Strategic and Budgetary ...
X-47B Drone Gets UpgradeThe Diplomat (blog)

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NASA evaluating "tractor beam" technologies

NASA evaluating "tractor beam" technologies:

Artist's concept of a NASA Mars Exploration Rover on the surface of Mars collecting sample...

NASA is looking to turn another staple of science fiction to practical use by studying ways to make “tractor beams” a reality. While none of the technologies under the microscope will be able to transport anything the size of a modified YT-1300 Corellian freighter – at least in the short term – the researchers will examine if it is possible to trap and move planetary or atmospheric particles using laser light so they can be delivered to a robotic rover or orbiting spacecraft for analysis. ..
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United-Continental boasts operation of first US biofuel flight

United-Continental boasts operation of first US biofuel flight: United-Continental has laid claim to operating the first commercial flight in the US powered by advanced biofuels. The company said its subsidiary...


Beyond Siri: DARPA’s BOLT

Beyond Siri: DARPA’s BOLT:

Johnny 5

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It’s 2020. A US soldier sits down with a village sheikh, with an unusual robot in tow. The sheikh greets him courteously, respectfully, in flowing Arabic. At the appropriate time, the robot offers the same speech in English. The soldier nods, speaks, and gives a command, whereupon the robot offers dependable translation that’s even customized to the local dialect. Offshore, an intelligence analyst sorts through a combination of intercepted emails, recorded cell phone conversations, and document archives, looking for patterns and connections. She’s not fluent in Arabic, but the same technology used by the soldier is providing usable translations for her searches – asking her questions as needed, and helped by embedded clarifications and tags.

Thanks to a 2003 DARPA program, The world got to know Siri, the show-stealing component of Apple’s iPhone 4S. DARPA’s 2011 BOLT program aims to take the next step, from a silicon intermediary between man and machine to an intermediary between people. Even as it also provides a powerful back-end translation system for traditional intelligence tasks. It’s one of a family of ongoing translation research efforts, all aiming to solve a persistent and expensive problem for the US military.


Indra y Russian Technologies firman un acuerdo de cooperación para optar a contratos en Rusia, Europa y Latinoamérica

La corporación estatal Russian Technologies e Indra han firmado un Memorando de Entendimiento que pone de manifiesto el compromiso de ambas organizaciones por impulsar proyectos tecnológicos de forma conjunta. Ambas empresas han detectado posibilidades de colaborar en un amplio número de sectores en los que desarrollan su actividad, entre ellos los del transporte y gestión del tráfico, la sanidad y las administraciones públicas, las finanzas, la industria, y la seguridad y defensa.

Leer más: Indra y Russian Technologies firman un acuerdo de cooperación para optar a contratos en Rusia, Europa y Latinoamérica:


USAF to upgrade F-16 fighter jets

USAF to upgrade F-16 fighter jets: The US Air Force (USAF) has decided to upgrade 300 to 350 F-16C Block 40 and 50 fighters to extend their service life, air force operations deputy chief lieutenant general Herbert Carlisle said.


El PP redefinirá el modelo de gestión aeroportuaria

Madrid.- El Partido Popular, si llega al Gobierno tras las elecciones generales del próximo día 20, redefinirá el modelo de gestión aeroportuaria, acometiendo la liberalización del sector sobre la base de una gestión en competencia bajo supervisión pública, según anuncia en su programa electoral.

El PP redefinirá el modelo de gestión aeroportuaria:


El PSOE promete reducir los retrasos aéreos y un plan de empleo para el sector aeroespacial

Madrid.- El PSOE hará un plan para reducir los retrasos de aviones, entre otras medidas del transporte aéreo y aprobará un plan de empleo del sector aeroespacial, según promete en su programa electoral.

El Partido Socialista propone “elaborar un plan para reducir los retrasos de los aviones en fase de vuelo que dan lugar a consumos innecesarios de combustible, así como para optimizar las operaciones aéreas en materia de pilotaje eficiente y mejora de la coordinación aeropuerto-espacio aéreo”.

Además, promete: El PSOE promete reducir los retrasos aéreos y un plan de empleo para el sector aeroespacial:


Eurocopter China and Wuhan Helicopter sign contract for the purchase of three helicopters on the occasion of a French ministerial visit

Wuhan, China, 7 November 2011
The three helicopters are the first Eurocopter models to be included in Wuhan Helicopter's fleet, and comprise two AS350 B3e and one EC120 B. Intended for utility missions, they are scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter of 2013.
A signing ceremony was held on Saturday, 5 November, in Wuhan, Hubei Province, between Wuhan Helicopter and Eurocopter China for the order of two AS350 B3e and one EC120 B light single-engine helicopters, for use in utility missions.
Senior officials in attendance at the ceremony included Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, French Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing, Thierry Mariani, French Minister for Transport, Li Hongzhong, Party Secretary of Hubei Province, Wang Guosheng, Governor of Hubei Province, Ruan Chengfa, Party Secretary of Wuhan City and Tang Liangzhi, Mayor of Wuhan City.
"We are very proud that Wuhan Helicopter has selected two of our most popular light modern helicopters, which reinforces the worldwide recognition of their capabilities," stated Eurocopter China CEO, Bruno Boulnois. "The versatility and reliability of the EC120 B and AS350 B3 make them the ideal choice for general aviation multi-mission activities in China's vast and varied terrains, as well as extreme climate conditions."
There are currently about 1,000 AS350 B3 helicopters in service across 57 countries. Since its first flight, this model has logged nearly two million flight hours, displaying exception lifting power, high endurance, extended range and fast cruising speed. The AS350 B3e is an enhanced version of the Ecureuil family, introduced earlier this year at the Heli-Expo in Orlando, equipped with a more powerful engine, new-generation FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) and an engine data recorder for condition monitoring. Wuhan Helicopter will be one of the first operators in China to receive the new enhanced model.
The EC120 B is a light aircraft designed for mission flexibility. It can be easily reconfigured for whatever tasks required of it. China plays a key role in the EC120 development program – since 1997, it has been producing the airframe structures in Harbin, which are then sent to France for final assembly. To date, over 680 EC120 Bs have been delivered worldwide, and have completed over 1,000,000 flight hours.
Liu Bichao, Chairman of Wuhan Helicopter, expressed his confidence in the acquisition, noting that "Eurocopter has a good track record of providing utility helicopters in China, with proven capability and reliability globally. Coupled with their ability to provide proximity services, this is truly a value proposition that meets our needs."
In China, there are currently 27 Ecureuil helicopters in service, with many more orders in the pipeline mostly for utility missions; and eight EC120 B mainly for business aviation and utility use. The very first EC120 B ordered by a private hospital for helicopter emergency medical operations was delivered in early 2011.
In addition to this purchasing contract, Eurocopter China and Wuhan Helicopter have also sealed a partnership agreement to synergize and develop their general aviation activities to better support emerging customers in the area.
"We managed to secure Wuhan Helicopter as our first customer within six months of our Wuhan office opening, which is indicative of the huge growth potential of the helicopter market in Central China. This is certainly a great way to celebrate the launch of our newest branch office, in addition to our operations in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Harbin and Hong Kong," added Boulnois.


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