Russia's aerohydrodynamic centre TsAGI conducts wind-tunnel tests on Il-112V - will replace An-26

viernes, 29 de julio de 2016

FSUE "TsAGI" experts conducted tests on flutter model of military transport aircraft Il-112V

In July, the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Professor NE Zhukovsky (included in SIC "Zhukovsky Institute") at the request of JSC "Aviation Complex named after SV Ilyushin "the first stage of tests on flutter dynamically similar models of military transport aircraft Il-112V. The experiment took place in a subsonic wind tunnel.

Scale model is 1: 5, wingspan - 5.3 m, weight - 300 kg. To ensure standardized reserves critical flutter speed it was simulated flight at speeds up to 650 km / h. The test results obtained by the various forms of flutter and found that their critical velocity exceeds the specified - 650 km / h. These data indicate adequate speed reserve safety of aircraft flutter. During the experiment, experts also investigated other parameters influencing fuel consumption, commercial load, rigidity, and possible changes in the dynamic characteristics of the aircraft in flight.

To give a final conclusion on the safety of aircraft flutter, TsAGI specialists will conduct a number of studies, including the second phase of the test pattern and frequency flutter tests of the first flight model.

Light military transport aircraft of new generation IL-112B is designed to replace the An-26. The aircraft is designed to operate in different geographical and climatic conditions. The aircraft will be equipped with advanced digital avionics complex.