Unmanned Chinese helicopter to be produced for civilian use

miércoles, 8 de diciembre de 2010

The V750 unmanned helicopter, built with an engine that is the intellectual property of a Chinese company, will achieve mass production in Shandong. The prototype was shown in public at the previous Zhuhai International Air Show.


This unmanned helicopter is jointly developed by China's four units and now has been put into mass production after orders were placed. These ordered products are mainly for civilian uses, such as marine pollution monitoring and forest fire monitoring.

Read Full text: http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/90001/90776/90882/7224846.html


APES 0028


Airbus considerando seriamente un demostrador con motores de rotor abierto



EXCLUSIVE – Qantas QF32 flight from the cockpit (via @RAeSTimR)

Captain David Evans is a Senior Check Captain at Qantas with some 32 years of experience and 17,000hrs of flight time. At the time of the incident he was in one of the observers’ seat, and thus had a ring-side view of the drama as it unfolded. The other flight deck crew were Richard de Crespigny (Pilot in Command, 15,000hrs), Harry Wubben (Route Check Captain, 20,000hrs) Matt Hicks (First Officer, 11,000hrs and Mark Johnson (Second Officer 8,000hrs). With the Cabin Service Manager (Michael Von Reth) this team boasted some 140 years of experience and over 71,000 flight hrs – a significant factor in the successful outcome of the incident.
We put a few questions to Captain Evans on his amazing story.

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VIDEO: Picturing PAK-DA -- Russia's next strategic bomber

Moving quickly behind the PAK-FA fifth-generation fighter program is Russia's replacement for the Tu-160, Tu-95 and Tu-22 fleet. Literally translated as "promising long-range aviation aircraft complex", PAK-DA is a long-term development project, according to Sukhoi's latest annual report (see page 37), although Russian media outlets have reported the schedule calls for first flight within seven years. Read Full text


Sukhoi Annual Report


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