MC-12 squadron stands up in Afghanistan

sábado, 9 de enero de 2010

The plane's deployment to Afghanistan follows a successful stint in
Iraq, where it was unveiled in combat for the first time in June. Two
months later, the six MC-12s based there had surpassed 300 combat

The turboprop aircraft is a product of Project Liberty, a $461 million
program launched in July 2008 to deploy 37 MC-12s and about 1,000
airmen by 2010 to provide more ISR aircraft over troops in combat.


Sidewinder to take aim at ground targets

A software tweak will transform the venerable Sidewinder missile,
known for its air-to-air precision, into a weapon that can strike
rapidly moving targets on the ground.

With three tests already proving that the AIM-9X Sidewinder can zero
in on a boat or armored personnel carrier, the next step is to refine
the way pilots aim and launch them, said Jeffrey White, AIM-9X program
manager at Raytheon Co., which developed the missiles. Those tests
begin this year.


«La fusión de Caja España y Duero es un ejemplo para todos y una alternativa para nosotros»

Recordamos que Caja Duero participa en el sector Aeronáutico a través
de Aciturri


Informe sobre el proceso de integración de las áreas tecnológicas del Ministerio de Defensa
El Consejo de Ministros celebrado ayer ha recibido un Informe de la
Ministra de Defensa, Carmen Chacón, sobre el proceso de integración
de las distintas áreas tecnológicas del Ministerio de Defensa en el
nuevo Instituto Tecnológico 'La Marañosa' (ITM), que estará ubicado en
San Martín de la Vega (Madrid).

Más información sobre el Instituto Tecnológico "La Marañosa" (ITM)


Seguridad aérea

España no implementaría los escáneres corporales hasta que así se
decida desde la Comisión Europea

Asian Airlines Urge Calm On Security


CBP Takes First Guardian UAS

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials hope operational drug-interdiction tests of a prototype surveillance version of the Predator B unmanned aerial system (UAS) will spur acquisition of several more for maritime missions.

The modified aircraft—distinguished from other Predators by a large belly-mounted Raytheon APS-134 SeaVue surveillance radar and prominent wingtip-mounted UHF/VHF radio antennas—will ultimately be deployed to the drug-source and transit zones to support joint counter-narcotics missions against drug-running "go-fast boats" and semi-submersible craft.


Boeing’s 787-3 mid-range variant is under a final threat of extinction

Boeing's 787-3 mid-range variant is under a final threat of extinction following the decision by All Nippon Airways (ANA), the derivative's sole customer, to change its order to other variants.


Los helicópteros EC665 Tigre de Francia demuestran su fiabilidad en Afganistán


NORAD scrambles again over unruly passenger

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Military jets scrambled for a second time this week after a report of a disruptive passenger on a commercial flight.


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