3 new patents for aircraft seats

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  • Seats with support for publicity
  • Seats with wire-less chargin spots for pax's gizmos
  • Passenger cabin monitoring system


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Le rival chinois de l’Airbus A320 fera sa première apparition le 2 novembre

Sauf retard de dernière minute, le premier exemplaire du C919, fera selon nos informations son « roll-out » - sa première apparition publique - le 2 novembre prochain sur le site de Comac, près de l’aéroport international de Shanghaï. Cette étape clef dans la vie du plus important programme aéronautique civil chinois permettra enfin de découvrir de visu, le nouveau concurrent chinois de l’Airbus A320 et du Boeing 737, dont le premier vol est toujours officiellement prévu avant la fin de l’année, pour une première livraison à une compagnie chinoise, fin 2016 ou plus vraisemblablement courant 2017.

 En savoir plus sur http://www.lesechos.fr/industrie-services/air-defense/021423797510-le-concurrent-chinois-de-lairbus-a320-fera-sa-premiere-apparition-le-2-novembre-1168185.php


US officers tour Chinese aircraft carrier despite tensions: report [feedly]


Beijing (AFP) Oct 21, 2015
A US naval delegation toured Beijing's sole aircraft carrier the Liaoning, Chinese media reported Wednesday, as friction increases between the two powers over territorial claims in the South China Sea. Washington has said it may soon sail warships near Beijing's artificial islands in the area, challenging Chinese claims to a region through which as much as one-third of global oil shipments p


Boeing, Norwegian Finalize Order for 19 787-9 Dreamliners [feedly]

Boeing, Norwegian Finalize Order for 19 787-9 Dreamliners


Largest single order for 787-9s from a European airline

OSLO, Norway, Oct. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing (NYSE: BA) and Norwegian have finalized an order for 19 787-9 Dreamliners valued at more than $5 billion at current list prices. The order also includes options for 10 more 787-9s, as the carrier looks to significantly grow its existing long-haul fleet into the next decade. It is the largest single order for 787-9s from a European airline.

Norwegian currently operates eight 787-8s and has previously ordered 11 787-9s through lease agreements. With today's order, the carrier, headquartered in Oslo, will expand its total 787 fleet to nearly 40 airplanes in the coming years.

"This order of 19 new Dreamliners is a major milestone and enables Norwegian to offer a wide range of new routes to consumers worldwide. The order is also essential to further strengthening the company in the global competition," said Bjørn Kjos, Norwegian's CEO. "After two years of operating low-cost long-haul flights, our load factors have averaged in the nineties, which proves the demand for affordable flights between Europe and the US and Europe and Asia. Future growth and competiveness in the long-haul market depends on the fuel-efficient, state-of-the art 787 Dreamliner. Not least, the Dreamliner offers the best passenger experience."

The 787-9 complements and extends the 787 family. With the fuselage stretched by 6 meters (20 feet) over the 787-8, the 787-9 can fly up to 20 percent more passengers and 23 percent more cargo farther yet with the same exceptional environmental performance – 20 percent less fuel use and 20 percent fewer emissions than the airplanes they replace.

"Norwegian has led the way in utilizing the exceptional performance of the 787 to develop a successful low-cost long-haul operation," said Todd Nelp, vice president of European Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "The addition of 787-9s to the Norwegian fleet will enable it to grow its route structure, while providing more range and capacity with outstanding passenger comfort."

The 787-9 leverages the visionary design of the 787-8, offering passenger-pleasing features such as the industry's largest windows, large overhead bins with room for everyone's bag, modern LED lighting, air that is cleaner, more humid and at a higher pressure for greater comfort and technology that senses and counters turbulence for a smoother ride.

Norwegian serves more than 130 destinations across Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, the USA and Southeast Asia, with a fleet that includes 90 Next-Generation 737-800s and eight 787-8s.

In 2014 the airline carried nearly 24 million passengers and has won numerous awards for its onboard service, including a SkyTrax award for 'Best low-cost long-haul airline.' With today's order for 19 787-9s, Norwegian has more than 150 unfilled orders from Boeing, including 100 737 MAXs.


Exclusive: China-made regional jet set for delivery, but no U.S. certification

Exclusive: China-made regional jet set for delivery, but no US ...
Comac could eventually ask the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to certify the ARJ-21 once it has been delivered, and ask it to help with the C919 as well, the people familiar with the program said. "Given the effort and prestige China is pouring ...

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Antonov's AN-178 Transport Aircraft Makes First Appearance At ... - Defenseworld.net [feedly]

Antonov's AN-178 Transport Aircraft Makes First Appearance At ...
Ukraine's Antonov will present the AN−178 transport aircraft that can be effectively operated under conditions of Near East and Africa at the Dubai Air Show. The aircraft was developed to replace the AN−12 aircraft, the company announced today. Antonov ...


Airbus awards eight Best in Class Suppliers of the year [feedly]

Airbus awards eight Best in Class Suppliers of the year


Recognizing outstanding contribution to the business

22 October 2015 Press Release

Airbus acknowledged eight suppliers' outstanding contribution and presented them with Best in Class 2015 Partner Awards. The awards, split into three categories - Best Performer, Innovation and Support - distinguish the outstanding contributions from the selected partners in the areas of aerostructure and material, systems & equipment - cabin and propulsion and general procurement.

The awarded suppliers have been selected by the Airbus Executive Committee in consultation with business stakeholders. Superior performances in areas such as pragmatic innovation, high quality product delivery and services as well as the importance of a strong collaborative business partnership qualify this year's winners.

The suppliers awarded in 2015 are:

• UAC with Best Performer Award in aerostructure and materials for consistent delivery on Airbus expectations.

• COBHAM with Best Performer Award in systems & equipment, cabin and propulsion for maturity, for cross-programmes communications antennas as well as sustainability of excellent performance.

• ARITEX, P3 Group and HONEYWELL POWER SYSTEMS all won a Best Performer Award in general procurement, respectively for best improver achievements in jigs & tools, successful recovery on technical change management with on time - on quality delivery and energy efficient factory equipment, agile state of mind with proactive project management.

• RECARO received an Innovation Award in systems & equipment, cabin and propulsion for pre-developed and pre-certified seat option packages & active support on A320 Family ramp-up

• RADIALL wins an Innovation Award in aerostructure & materials for "Quick install Connector" on the A350 XWB programme allowing for time, weight and cost savings.

• ROCKWELL COLLINS AVIONICS is awarded with a Support Award in systems & equipment cabin and propulsions as being a consistent favorite by airlines, consistently voted n°1 in the annual supplier support rating survey and recognized for performance & commitment to customer satisfaction.

Airbus is proud to work hand in hand with such strong partners in a business collaborative approach towards achieving its challenging targets and objectives for the highest level of customer satisfaction.

In 2014, Airbus spent more than €32.4 billion with over 7,200 direct suppliers worldwide.


Life-Saving UAV Wins Top Prize in ESNC 2015 - GPS World magazine [feedly]

Life-Saving UAV Wins Top Prize in ESNC 2015
GPS World magazine
A UAV project, POSEIDRON, took top honors in the 2015 European Satellite Navigation Competition, which recognizes the year's best innovations in commercial applications of satellite technology. POSEIDRON won over the international jury of experts with ...

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Jazz DH8A at Quebec City on Oct 20th 2015, engine shut down in flight [feedly]


Royal Brunei B788 near Manila on Oct 21st 2015, engine shut down in flight [feedly]


Asteroid Sample Mission Spacecraft, OSIRIS-REx, Completed at Lockheed Martin [feedly]

Asteroid Sample Mission Spacecraft, OSIRIS-REx, Completed at Lockheed Martin

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F-35s could cost $1M more without Canada

F-35s could cost $1M more without Canada
F-35 programme chief Lt Gen Christopher Bogdan says the cost of each Lightning II would increase 0.7% to 1%, or about $1 million per copy, if Canada cancels its order.


Canadian F-35 exit could signal wider air force review

Canada’s change of government this week, after a decade of conservative rule, could see Ottawa swiftly exit the multinational F-35 programme and instead pursue a fighter competition, which defence analysts suggest could favour the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet or F-15SE, or Dassault's Rafale.

The incoming Liberal Party has pledged to ditch Lockheed Martin’s F-35 and “immediately” launch a competition to replace the Royal Canadian Air Force’s 77 active Boeing CF-18s, following years of indecision. The new government is also withdrawing the service’s six fighters, one tanker and two surveillance aircraft from the US-led air campaign in Iraq, and is de-emphasising the service’s expeditionary combat role in preference of homeland defence and air patrol.


Long-range Superjet starts fatigue-testing programme [feedly]


Canadian Hoverboard Inventor Testing Second Prototype [feedly]

Canadian Hoverboard Inventor Testing Second Prototype

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Oxia Planum firms at landing site for ExoMars 2018 mission [feedly]


ESA has named the Oxia Planum region as the primary candidate for the landing site of the ExoMars 2018 Mars mission. The Russo-European mission to the Red Planet is the second of two missions of the ExoMars program and is aimed at demonstrating new technologies and seeking signs of past or present life. Consisting of a lander and rover, the mission is scheduled to launch in May 2018 with a landing in January 2019.

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