Russian Bombers Enter British Airspace ... Again

domingo, 28 de marzo de 2010

On 10th March 2010, two RAF Tornado F3 fighter aircraft of 111(Fighter) Squadron were scrambled from RAF Leuchars (Fife) in the early hours of the morning to intercept two Russian TU-160 BLACKJACK aircraft, which were approx 100nm to the west of Stornaway on the North-West coast of Scotland. The Tornadoes shadowed the Russian ac as they progressed south before the BLACKJACKs turned north, short of the Northern Irish coast, before subsequently exiting UK airspace.

RAF Leuchars fighters have successfully scrambled to intercept Russian aircraft on more than 10 occasions since the start of 2009. The Tornado F3 is planned to go out of RAF Service in 2011; RAF Leuchars will become the RAF's second Typhoon fighter base later this year.

RAF press release


French Authorities To Resume Search For Flight 447 FDR

The French investigative agency BEA says that it will begin a third search next week  for the flight data recorder from Air France Flight 447, which went down on a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris June 1st of last year. All 228 people on board the airplane were lost.