Check Out The World's First 3-D Printed Metal Bike

jueves, 11 de febrero de 2016

In June of last year, we wrote about MX3D's groundbreaking 3-D printing robot that can print a steel bridge in mid-air. Developed by Dutch designer Joris Laarman and backed by the software giant Autodesk, the technology makes it possible—for the first time—to affordably 3-D print metal structures. Aside from the bridge, which won't be built until 2017, a line of furniture designed by Laarman in 2014 is the only time we've seen this 3-D printing technique used to manufacture a product.
That is, until last week when a team of students from TU Delft in the Netherlands used MX3D's robot to create the first fully-functional 3-D printed metal bike. Made from a stainless steel composite, the Arc Bicycle weighs about the same as any other steel bicycle and, judging from the video the team released, rides every bit as well.

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