Boeing 727s being prepped for oil spill cleanup

martes, 26 de abril de 2016

Press Release

Boeing 727 Wide Area Aerial Dispersant Service is response ready

Following a meeting with the aviation authorities on Thursday, March 31, 2016, the Boeing 727 wide area aerial dispersant service is now in place and available to members.

Over the coming weeks OSRL will be working with our service provider to fully integrate the service into our procedures and to bed down all operational issues. Nonetheless the aircraft and dispersant system is response ready and available to members should it be required. However, OSRL will not conduct live drills for our members through the month of April.

To aid all members in the efficient and effective utilisation of this new service, OSRL has prepared a Mobilisation and Logistics Plan which lays out the service specifications and the responsibilities of all parties for successful deployment. This plan can be found here.

This jet-based aerial dispersant system which meets onerous new safety requirements is a ground-breaking project that offers a step-change in global dispersant application capabilities. Although the journey has been a long one, the end result is something that all OSRL members can take pride in.

This is the first of two aircraft and dispersant systems which OSRL will deliver to its members; the second is due for completion in Q3 of this year.

OSRL's aviation resources to support the Service Level Agreement globally will now include the Boeing 727 (located in UK) and the Hercules C130-A (located in Singapore).

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