Electric aerobatic (look-alike mini Spitfire) Hamilton aEro Takes Off

martes, 11 de abril de 2017

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The Hamilton aEro Twister is a very light and efficient aircraft certified to fly aerobatics between +6 and -4 G. The fiberglass airframe is stiffened and strengthened by carbon elements, while the engine provides up to 100 KW power and a 45 minute-flight autonomy, including 15 minutes of aerobatics. The weight/power ratio is 4.2kg per KW, a ratio quite similar to an Extra 200, providing the required performance needed for aerobatic training.
Safety is a main topic topic as the plane can be used for demonstrations but also for beginners to train and therefore needs to be easy to operate. The Siemens engine proved its ability already in the air and is very reliable. Each battery cell has its own processor to control and monitor the situation: in case of overheating, up to 10% of cells can be switched off independently, allowing the pilot to fly back to the airport safely.
Another key aspect is sustainability and ecology. The plane defines a new way of flying by being CO2 neutral and emitting a very low noise profile. Together with other developments, this project supports the future of aviation through environmental-friendly initiatives and a long term vision. Finally, cost is also lower – about 2/5th of a regular aerobatic plane – and is aimed at attracting not only experienced aerobatic pilots but also young people who cannot currently afford to start the immense adventure of flying a plane upside down.

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