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martes, 23 de abril de 2019

Text quoted below copied from YouTube video description

«Publicado el 10 abr. 2019
Russian aircraft designers develop a new jumbo cargo aircraft that would be comparable in size to the legendary Antonov  An-124 Ruslan.

The development of the new airplane is being carried out by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Professor Zhukovsky. So far the aircraft exists in the form of a conceptual design. 

The aircraft is called Slon, which translates from Russian into English as Elephant. 
The aircraft will be built on the aerodynamic scheme with high-lying extra long wings and one keel. The entire fuselage of the new aircraft will serve as the transport compartment. 

The construction of an additional deck can also be possible, which can make the Elephant a flying double-decker. The Slon will take off with the help of four dual-turbojet engines. The cargo compartment will be 5.2 meters hight from floor to ceiling. It will be 6.3 meters wide.

Two decks will enable the aircraft to transport both military equipment and the crew. Tanks and armored personnel carriers will be placed in the cargo compartment, and up to 400 soldiers will be accommodated on the upper deck. 

The empty aircraft will weigh 214-222 tons. It will be able to take 150 tons of cargo. One will need 150 tons of kerosene to fill the tanks of the jumbo jet. The maximum weight of the aircraft may thus make up 500 tons. The speed of the aircraft in flight will be 800-850 km/h. The maximum flight range of the aircraft with cargo on board will be nearly 8,000 km. An empty airplane will be able to fly for almost 19 thousand kilometers. 


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