Fifth C919 prototype completes test flight | COMAC wins multiple awards including Enterprise Creation award

martes, 29 de octubre de 2019

press release

C919 AC105 took off from Shanghai Pudong International Airport at 10 o'clock on October 24th, 2019, and returned and landed at 11:37 after completing a number of test points and initial control inspections of various aircraft systems during a flight of 1 hour and 37 minutes, successfully completing its first flight test. The crew performing this flight test consists of Test Pilots Cai Jun, Nie Fei and Zou Lixue, and Flight Test Engineers Mi Yi and Wang Jiayi.

AC105 is the fifth C919 flight test aircraft, which mainly undertakes the flight tests in special weather conditions such as high temperature and extreme cold, and the flight tests related to environment control, electrical power and whole-aircraft drainage.

So far, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) has put five aircraft into flight test, among which AC101, AC102, AC103 and AC104 have carried out flight test in Yanliang of Xi'an, Dongying of Shandong and Nanchang of Jiangxi, and the static tests and other ground verification tests are in steady progress.

COMAC wins multiple awards including Enterprise Creation award

press release

Awarding Ceremony of the 1st Shanghai Intellectual Property Innovation Award was held on October 21st, 2019, the opening day of the 16th Shanghai International Intellectual Property Forum. Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) won the Enterprise Creation award of Shanghai Intellectual Property Innovation Award and multiple other important awards such as Trademark award and Patent award. This is a full recognition of COMAC's achievements in the creation, protection, application and comprehensive management of intellectual property.

Mr. Shen Changyu, Director of China National Intellectual Property Administration, Mr. Ying Yong, Mayor of Shanghai, and Mr. Francis Gurry, Director General of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), made a speech respectively at the forum and gave awards to the winning enterprises. Mr. He Dongfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of COMAC, attended the awarding ceremony and receive the awards on behalf of the company.

Shanghai Intellectual Property Innovation Award is jointly awarded for the first time by Shanghai and WIPO, and aims to commend and reward the innovation entities that have outstanding achievements in the creation, protection and application of intellectual property in Shanghai, and provide strong support for creating a sound business and innovation environment and achieving high-quality development. There are 9 winners of this year's Innovation Award, covering the cutting-edge industries such as civil aviation, high-end equipment, integrated circuit and cultural creativity, which are the leaders in the creation, protection and application of intellectual property in Shanghai. The Innovation Award consists of two kinds of awards, i.e. enterprise awards and achievement awards. In addition to an enterprise award, COMAC also won achievement awards, such as the first prize of patent trademark award with its "ARJ21" trademark and an exterior design award with its "Cabin Overhead Stowage Bin of Civil Aircraft".

As the main vehicle in implementing large passenger aircraft programs in China, COMAC has attached great importance to the management of intellectual property. Since its establishment, COMAC has carried out intellectual property related work in line with international standards and taken the important principle of abiding by international rules in order to establish and improve the organizational structure, institutional norm and management system of intellectual property, create a good intellectual property cultural atmosphere, and ensure that the intellectual property management requirements are integrated into aircraft product design & development, system integration, assembly manufacturing, marketing, customer service and other areas.

COMAC has always adhered to the path of technological progress and independent innovation, and realized management innovation, technological innovation and product innovation. While respecting others' intellectual property, COMAC has fully protected its own intellectual property achievements and striven to become an intellectual property innovation-oriented enterprise. In the future, COMAC will continue to explore and advance on the way of improving its intellectual property innovation and creation ability, and make positive contributions to promoting the scientific & technological innovation and development of Shanghai as well as the development of the world civil aviation industry and modern cutting-edge technology.

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