USA’s Team Möbius Launches Bid To Win World’s First Electric Air Race

miércoles, 1 de julio de 2020

press release

Fort Worth, Texas, USA – Wednesday July 1: Möbius Aero a Founding and Official Team of the all-new Formula 1 air race league – Air Race E is inviting you to be a part of Team Möbius.

Proudly representing the United States, Möbius will be one of the teams making history by competing in the world’s first electric air race in 2021, racing at speeds faster than any land-based motorsport on a tight 3-mile circuit, just 10 meters above the ground.

Möbius will showcase their zero-emissions solution to a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future. They expect the motion, propulsion, and power storage technologies they are pioneering to be available for immediate commercial use in terrestrial, aeronautical, and aerospace applications.

Airbus, the Official Founding Partner of Air Race E is one of the companies that will be looking to apply the newly developed technologies springing from this competition to their commercial aircraft.

Based in Texas, USA, Möbius is working tirelessly to be the first team across the finish line. The team’s Founder and President, Carl Copeland, stated, “It is certainly an exciting race to be competing in, but for us, the real excitement and true victory will be in delivering that hopeful future we have been dreaming of since we were children. That is the finish line we intend to cross.” It is clear they are determined to do just that.

By taking part in the series, Möbius is striving to change the world with its innovative and evolutionary technologies. They are confident that their mission of Moving Humanity Forward can be accomplished with your support.

Connect, Sponsor, or Partner with Möbius today. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to be a part of this new and historic sport that will set world records, reach global audiences, and advance the world toward a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future.

Connect with Möbius by visiting and make sure to sign up to receive updates on their progress, accomplishments, and coming announcements. Great things are sure to come.


About Möbius

We are a founding team in a new, all-electric, Formula 1 air racing league, Air Race E. We are focused on developing pragmatic technology for immediate use in the commercial space. We are pioneering technologies in the fields of motion, propulsion, and power storage for terrestrial, aeronautical, and aerospace applications. The innovations we are developing will help to create a clean, sustainable, future of electric mobility, flight and off-world manned missions.

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