ZeroAvia flies Do 228 solely using ZA600 powertrain as testbed makes third flight

lunes, 27 de marzo de 2023

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Original source: press release published in Facebook:

Flying hydrogen-electric! 

Another massive step forwards for the #Do228 testing program with the aircraft performing a leveled flight using only the #ZA600 prototype engine. 

During the third flight in the test program, the test crew flew with zero thrust from the conventional turbine engine as the ZA600 entirely powered the testbed aircraft as it circled Cotswold Airport. The flight crew were able to perform tests to confirm the aircraft was able to fly on hydrogen-electric power with the turbine throttled back to simulate a zero thrust. This is all part of our ongoing tests of the powertrain.

The flight consisted of three loops around the airport in Gloucestershire, UK, with a max speed of 130 knots.     

Plenty more flying to come as we test the system more as part of our path to certification by 2025. Stay tuned for further updates. 

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