Pontifications: Boeing’s 8,000 employee reduction isn’t nearly enough [feedly]

lunes, 4 de abril de 2016

Pontifications: Boeing's 8,000 employee reduction isn't nearly enough

BCA has 22% more employees per airplane than Airbus. BCA is a bloated organization. Some of this undoubtedly is inherent to being a 100 year old company, compared with Airbus being less than 50. Airbus is more automated than Boeing as well.

In response to The Seattle Times story last week about the Boeing head count reduction, Steve Trimble of Flight International Tweeted that Airbus Commercial employs 55,000 people, compared with 82,000 at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, a 49% difference. The math means Boeing has 107 employees per airplane delivered last year; Airbus has 87. Boeing delivered 762 airplanes vs 629 for Airbus.

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