Corporation "Irkut" presents its products at the exhibition KADEX-2016

viernes, 3 de junio de 2016

(below, pres release translated automatically from Russian to English with Google Translator)

PJSC "Corporation" Irkut "(as part of the KLA) will present the aviation equipment at the IV International exhibition of arms and military equipment" KADEX-2016 "in Astana, Kazakhstan.

One of the central exhibits will combat training aircraft Yak-130 in the historic red-white color "OKB. Yakovlev ", which will demonstrate their capabilities during demonstration flights.

The flight program of the forum will be attended by multi-purpose fighter Su-30cm, previously supplied by the Corporation "Irkut" the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan.

On the stand will be a model training aircraft initial training Yak-152. Yak-130 and Yak-152, along with flight simulators, educational computer classes and objective control system to form a fully functional system for the training of military pilots.

President of PJSC "Corporation" Irkut "Oleg Demchenko said:" We appreciate the good relations with our partners from the Republic of Kazakhstan, which have developed in the course of execution of the contract to supply the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan Su-30cm. I'm sure part in KADEX exhibition will contribute to the strengthening of our cooperation. "

The main program of PJSC "Corporation" Irkut ":

Yak-130 is designed and manufactured by PJSC "Corporation" Irkut ", are adopted by Russian VCS since February 2010. In accordance with the contracts already signed the Defense Ministry should receive more than 100 aircraft Yak-130. As of May 2016 the Russian VKS handed over 70 Yak-130 aircraft. They are now successfully used in training centers.

Concluded several export contracts for the supply of aircraft Yak-130, the first of which is made ​​in 2011. In 2015, the first batch of Yak-130 transferred to the Air Force of Belarus and Bangladesh. Pre-contract negotiations are underway for the supply of aircraft to a number of countries around the world.

Multi-purpose Su-30cm are produced under contracts with the Ministry of Defense of Russia and the Russian Federation supplied videoconferencing (since 2012) and the Naval Aviation of the Russian Navy (from 2014). In April 2015 the first batch of Su-30cm put Air Force of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Su-30MK issued on behalf of foreign customers and are available from 2002 Air India, Malaysia and Algeria. The total portfolio of orders for fighters Su-30MK - more than 330 cars, 300 of which are delivered to the customers.

As the head of artist Corporation "Irkut" creates a family of passenger aircraft of a new generation of MS-21. The aircraft MS-21 included the latest developments in aircraft and engine, avionics and systems. In the Irkutsk aviation plant completes the production of prototypes for flight and strength tests.

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