Boeing’s talking with airlines about a ‘797,’ and they like what they hear

lunes, 13 de marzo de 2017

Major players in the world of airplane finance said this week that Boeing seems keen to go ahead with a new jet sized between the largest single-aisle 737 and the smallest twin-aisle 787, and capable of carrying more than 200 passengers.

Boeing 797 will be a mid-sized mass-market jetliner
Boeing could greenlight its next-gen jetliner as early as next year, with first commercial flights in 2025.

The seat count of the twin-aisle Boeing 797 is expected to be around 225 passengers assuming a two-class layout of business and economy, or as many as 260 in the all-economy floorpan favoured by low-cost airlines, with airlines offered two variants of the 797.

United Looks at Boeing's ‘Paper Plane’ and Likes What It Sees
United had been among the skeptics of the jets that Boeing has spent years developing to fill the gap in its product line-up between the largest of the narrow-body 737 models and the smallest 787 Dreamliners. As Boeing is designing a twin-aisle aircraft with the range to fly from London to New York, budget carriers are shifting more mid-range flying to relatively inexpensive narrow-body jets such as Airbus Group SE’s A321neo.

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