CT rebrands its corporate identity on its 30th anniversary

martes, 11 de diciembre de 2018

press release

• The company updates its corporate image on the 30th anniversary with the aim of communicating its values in a close and honest way.
• The human capital formed by expert engineers and the technical experience achieved by CT during the years underlie its whole activity, outlined in its new "Engineering Driven People" tagline.

Madrid, December 3rd of 2018. CT, the leading engineering company in technological innovation throughout the entire product lifecycle, has updated its corporate image on the occasion of its 30 years of history. CT redefines its positioning and brings together all its branch offices under the large umbrella of the new global brand.

A thorough process of internal and external analysis based on the customers, suppliers and employees’ opinions has revealed the two fundamental pillars supporting the company’s activity: human capital and the technical part provided by experienced engineers. Thus, CT new image and "Engineering Driven People" claim are the result of this study, which outlines and define the values that the company has championed for 30 years.

CT’s 30th anniversary brings considerable changes for the company, which reaffirms its statement and values in order to achieve a differentiating position in the market. CT faces a new stage of growth, striving for an international reference position in innovative solutions that help its customers to be more competitive.

CT, a company of Spanish origin with over 1,600 professionals in more than 20 international offices, places people at the heart of its activity. In this way, it reaffirms its commitment to attract and retain talent by providing personalized career plans and training programs. As evidence, CT ranked for the third year in a row, the first 50 Best Companies to Work for in Spain and as the Best Engineering Services Company in the last two years.

During its 30 years of history, CT has provided engineering services to large international companies, such as Airbus, becoming the only Spanish supplier of product engineering (ES2) and manufacturing (ME3S) for the aeronautical company worldwide. CT is also a preferred provider for Navantia, whilst working with Audi and Repsol companies, among many others. In addition, CT has
provided engineering services in relevant projects such as Medina-La Meca High Speed Railway (carried out by its Automotive Engineering division) or for Sagrada Familia,Monument (carried out by the Architecture division).

Additional recognition includes CT’s award granted by the Spanish Official Chamber of Commerce in France (BECC) for its local activity in economic, social, R&D and sustainable development terms.

Jesús Prieto, President&CEO of CT says: "We face this new stage with the same entrepreneurial spirit I had when I founded the company in 1988; with people-oriented mission, the struggle for commitments accomplishment, the service vocation and the aim of offering the most advanced technological solutions to our clients, in order to help them to be more competitive. All these aspects, along with the expertise achieved over 30 years, shape CT’s today essence: a company formed by engineers passionate about the challenges of engineering ".

About CT
CT provides engineering services in the aeronautical, naval, automotive, rail, energy, industrial
plants, architecture and construction sectors. CT covers the entire life cycle of the products,
from product design engineering, manufacturing engineering to post-sales support engineering.
CT has more than 1,600 employees and a network of offices in Spain, France, Germany,
Portugal, the United Kingdom, India and Brazil. CT is a supplier of engineering services in
design, manufacturing, assembly and maintenance phases for the civil and military sector. CT is
the only Spanish supplier of product engineering (ES2) and manufacturing (ME3S) for Airbus in
the world and a preferred supplier of engineering for Navantia. Other relevant works stand out,
such as the participation of the CT Architecture division in the La Sagrada Familia project or the
Automotive Engineering division in the Medina-Mecca AVE.

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