First flight of the P2012 Traveller without its test pilot. [video]

jueves, 7 de marzo de 2019

press release

On 23 Feb 2019 the P2012 Traveller took off for the first time without its Test Pilot on board.
Flying the aircraft this time was Capt. Giovanni Pascale which at the moment is the only other pilot authorized to fly the P2012. 
The flight took off from Capua (LIAU) direct to Catania (LICC)

“It’s the first time in the history of the P2012 that there is going to be a mismatch between my flight hours on this aircraft
and the hours of the aircraft itself.
Giovanni has taken the bird up in the air.
That’s a great achievement for us.”

Lorenzo De Stefano (Tecnam’s Test Pilot)

“The flight was good and smooth, the airplane was very pleasant to fly and the cockpit management resulted very easy as well” said Giovanni Pascale. “We ended the flight demonstrating a Steep Approach and the aircraft performed perfectly,”

“Flying for the first time this aircraft as Pilot in Command was an amazing experience,
but more then flying the aircraft itself,

my strongest emotion was to fly my father Paolo Pascale
over to Catania in a newborn child signed by Tecnam.” 

Giovanni Pascale

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