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miércoles, 5 de junio de 2019

press release

Following the announcement that Red Bull Air Race will not continue beyond the 2019 season, Air Race 1 and Air Race E CEO and Founder, Jeff Zaltman has released the below and attached statement.

The announcement that Red Bull Air Race will not continue beyond the 2019 season is sad news not only for the pilots, teams and fans that put so much effort into that iconic series, but the wider aviation community as a whole.

Air racing can be a demanding and logistically challenging sport and one that requires a lot of time and dedication from everyone involved. Red Bull Air Race set the standard for air racing development and provided a platform for highly skilled pilots to compete in a professional competition to put on an impressive spectacle for its global fans. We wish Red Bull Air Race and the race teams all the best for the remaining three races.

Air Race 1 events will remain a regular fixture of the air racing calendar and is still the only international air race series where pilots fly wing tip-to-wing tip in what is known as formula one air racing. We are due to announce the next Air Race 1 event and other exciting news soon, as we continue to grow towards our long-term strategy of becoming a mainstream sport.

In addition, we have just announced the formal bidding process for venues interested in hosting the world’s first ever electric air race, Air Race E, next year. This will be the first in a series of international electric air racing events aimed at accelerating and promoting the development of cleaner, faster and more technologically-advanced electric engines.

We’re delighted to have Airbus as the Official Founding Partner of the new Air Race E series and we are actively seeking the involvement of other industry partners to collaborate on all aspects of making this series a success.

We welcome interest from anyone looking to get involved in Air Race 1 or Air Race E and we hope that pilots, teams and fans of Red Bull Air Race will continue to support our series as we commit to ensuring the sport of air racing continues to thrive for many years to come.

For more information on Air Race 1 and Air Race E go to:

About Air Race 1

Air Race 1 is pure motorsport at its fastest. It is a thrilling test of pilot skill based upon the long-running sport known as formula one air racing. Formula one airplanes are a specifically defined airplane class with over 70 years of history which sets strict parameters regarding wing area, engine size and other technical characteristics. Air Race 1 is the top international title in the sport and is sanctioned by all three international formula air racing associations. Air Race 1 World Cup is the event name and trading name of Air Race CC Ltd, which is registered in the United Kingdom and has a base of operations in Spain. Air Race 1 is comprised of highly-regarded industry-leading experts who have extensive experience in organizing and promoting air racing and air sports competitions on a global scale and who work hard to ensure this race is both safe and a monumental success for all.

About Air Race E

Air Race E will become the world’s first all-electric airplane race when it launches its inaugural series of international races in 2020. Run by Air Race Events and led by world-leading air racing promoter Jeff Zaltman, the man behind the globally successful Air Race 1 World Cup, the race is set to revolutionise air racing and pioneer innovations in electric aviation. Air Race E will see electric airplanes race directly against each other on a tight 5km circuit just 10m above the ground and at speeds faster than any land-based motorsport. The demand for speed, performance and power management under the rigors of a competitive race environment provide the perfect platform for the development and promotion of cleaner, faster and more technologically-advanced electric engines. The Light Aircraft Association (LAA), has committed its support in developing the technical regulations and providing design oversight for the sport, soon to be sanctioned by the Formula Air Racing Association (FARA) and its counter-part in France, the Association des Pilotes D'Avions de Formules (APAF).

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