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miércoles, 13 de noviembre de 2019

EUROCONTROL and Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) used full motion flight simulators to evaluate the feasibility of "Secondary Runway Aiming Point (SRAP)" and "Increased Glide Slope (IGS)", concepts focused on capacity and environmental benefits.

SRAP permits 'light wake' category aircraft to fly a final approach above the approach profile of heavier aircraft flying to the primary runway threshold; this enables them to avoid the wake vortex of the larger aircraft, and should result in an increase in runway throughput of up to 5%.

Crucially, the noise contour of the aircraft on approach to the SRAP moves towards the airport, reducing noise. The approach glide slope to the SRAP could be a normal "3-degree" slope or an increased glide slope (IGS) to maximise benefits.


The two concepts being evaluated are part of our contribution to the SESAR solution "Enhanced arrival procedures", which focuses on mitigating noise and adapting wake avoidance procedures. Both concepts have already been successfully trialled in a number of real-time simulations.

The solution has been developed within SESAR 2020 project PJ02 "Increased runway and airport throughput", which seeks to tackle capacity challenges at major airports.

EUROCONTROL is leading the project, working with partners to develop operational solutions and advanced air traffic control (ATC) tools.

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