World's first manned aerobatic optionally piloted multi-rotor shown pulling loops and rolls

martes, 18 de febrero de 2020

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Drones execute rolls and loops with pilots training on DCL – The Game.

Drone Champions AG, creators of the Drone Champions League and DCL – The Game, have unveiled the first-ever manned drone capable of aerobatic manoeuvres such as rolls and loops. Here is all you need to know:

- The "Big Drone" is the brainchild of Drone Champions founder Herbert Weirather, who personally assisted in the testing process, sitting in the single-seat machine as it was piloted via RC controller by former Drone Champions League contender Mirko Cesena.

- After months of development, Drone Champions AG initiated testing of the Big Drone in early February at an indoor facility in Germany before taking it to Vrsar in Croatia for its maiden outdoor flights, where aerobatic manoeuvres were successfully executed.

- Weirather, who is also CEO of the Drone Champions League, said: "We have developed and built the first-ever manned aerobatic drone with the vision to create a brand-new future racing experience and to recruit drone pilots through DCL – The Game. Everyone should have the opportunity to fly, and DCL – The Game provides a starting point."

- Drone Champions AG will use the test data to continue refinement of the Big Drone, while aspiring pilots can play DCL – The Game to build their competition skills.

- DCL – The Game delivers a high-speed flight experience at home and gamers can face off against pilots from every corner of the globe in multi-player modes for up to 30 people.

- In addition to training and playing on DCL – The Game, users can qualify for real-life drone racing events like the Drone Champions League by playing in the DCL Draft Selection.

- The Drone Champions League is an innovative series that since 2016 has drawn the world's best pilots of small racing drones (quadcopters), which reach over 160 km/h in head-to-head battles, and is the recognised World Championship of professional drone racing.

- Members of Flite Test, which produces expert content specifically to serve the RC community, were on hand to witness the historic drone milestone being performed.

- Josh Bixler from Flite Test revealed: "I feel like this experience is honestly a new chapter for multi-rotors. To be able to have kids go into the hobby and aspire for bigger things is always a goal of Flite Test."

Drone Champions League Calendar 2020
May 1-3 : Draft Selection, London, UK
TBA: Drone Grand Prix Vaduz, Switzerland
August 7-8: Drone Grand Prix Moscow, Russia
August 21-22: Drone Grand Prix Simatai, China
October 2-3: Drone Grand Prix Lake Zurich, Switzerland

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