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jueves, 28 de enero de 2021


Woburn, MA – January 26, 2021 – Terrafugia, Inc. announced today that it has reached a
significant milestone by obtaining an FAA Special Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) airworthiness
certificate for its Transition® roadable aircraft.

As a unique integration of a two-seat aircraft and an automobile, the Transition® is designed to
meet safety standards from both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National
Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The vehicle that received the certificate is legal for flight and represents the initial version of the
Transition® roadable aircraft. Terrafugia will produce and sell additional initial (flight-only)
versions to interested parties and will evolve the driving portion of the Transition® design, with
the goal of being legal both in the sky and on local roads in 2022.

"We are excited to have reached our goal of an airworthiness certificate for the initial version,"
said Kevin Colburn, Vice President and General Manager of Terrafugia. "During an extremely
challenging pandemic year, our team remained focused, improved our quality system,
completed the critical aspects of the design, built the vehicle, completed 80 days of flight testing,
delivered 150 technical documents, and successfully passed the FAA audit. This is a major
accomplishment that builds momentum in executing our mission to deliver the world's first
practical flying car."


About the Transition®
The initial version of the Transition® provides pilots and flight schools with an aircraft featuring
enhanced safety capabilities and the latest avionics. Powered by a 100-hp Rotax 912iS Sport
fuel-injected engine with a 2,000 hr TBO, the vehicle has a flight speed of 100 mph and runs on
either premium gasoline or 100LL airplane fuel. Standard features include a Dynon Skyview
avionics package, an airframe parachute, four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, a rigid carbon fiber
safety cage, and folding wings to allow storage in a single-car garage.

About Terrafugia, Inc.
Terrafugia, Inc., a leader in the aviation and mobility revolution, is developing innovative
transportation technologies. Terrafugia's team of experienced engineers, designers,
technicians, and business professionals combines aviation and automotive expertise to pursue
the future of personal transportation.

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