Fwd: VIOSO Upgrades Grob Aircraft’s Pioneering Training Facility

martes, 13 de julio de 2021

Düsseldorf (Germany), 13th July 2021 – For 38 years, H3 Grob Aircraft SE has built a renowned reputation as one of the largest and most experienced composite aircraft manufacturers. As the pioneer for the production of aircrafts made from carbon fibre, Grob Aircraft has led the charge in innovative pilot training systems to complement the pioneering technologies in civil and military aviation that it is responsible for.

With 3,500 aircrafts constructed and seven million hours flown on five continents, Grob Aircraft has experienced first-hand the increasing requirements for pilot training, while managing tighter military budgets. With this in mind, in 2015, the German company founded the H3 Grob Training Systems (GTS) with the backing of its parent company, H3 Aerospace Group. GTS acts as a provider of Ground Based Training Systems (GBTS) for cost effective, ab-initio pilot training solutions.

GTS uses full mission simulators, which enable pilots to train in any scenario, without ever leaving the base.

"Our simulators are manufactured in house, and the old system needed an upgrade," said Alf Gerlach, head of Grob Training Systems and the project implementation manager. "We'd developed an in-house visual system called MoViS (Modular Visual System), and we needed a state-of-the-art calibration solution for the projectors."

Grob Aircraft chose German projection specialist VIOSO to back the simulation. Its expert team supported the project and integration with the simulator's software, Frasca. VIOSO also provided its award-winning Anyblend VR&SIM software and a customised camera for the calibration of the projectors' optical systems, as well as colour calibration.

Industry reputation in this project was key, confirmed Gerlach: "We chose VIOSO as they are recommended throughout the industry. I've also had previous experience with VIOSO and I knew them to be one of the best in the business."

The project required a 250-degree projection on Grob Aircraft's composite screen surface. The projection would act as the simulated field of vision for the pilots, and was therefore vital to the overall effectiveness of the project. In addition, the design of the project needed to account for the cockpit controls and projectors inside the dome.

"We were able to calibrate the entire set up with our special customized version of fisheye camera kit, which has massively extended field of view," said Sergey Kovyryalov, director of VIOSO Simulation. "So with the use of one single camera, we were able to achieve complete calibration to the pixel."

VIOSO's Anyblend VR&SIM integration with Frasca allowed the use of calibration data directly in the rendering software, which performs perspective correction for the pilot viewpoint.

The project presented several challenges for VIOSO and the Grob Aircraft teams. With the pandemic's restrictions, VIOSO was unable to travel to the large-scale installation and provide an in-person team to calibrate and support the project. This had to be done remotely in collaboration with Grob Aircraft's specialists.

"I think this was the first project of this scale that we've done that was calibrated remotely," said Kovyryalov. "We provide on site expertise as this operation can be quite complex, however on this occasion, we were able to overcome this challenge by using video conferencing and remote access software, and it worked successfully to achieve the outcome we wanted."

After completion, VIOSO provided a full study of the project along with full training to on site staff to control and use the Anyblend VR&SIM effectively.

"VIOSO were with us every step of the way," said Gerlach. "Their support and easy to use Anyblend VR&SIM software was invaluable, and continues to be so. Despite the limitations and challenges of the pandemic, everything was successful. We are very pleased with the process and the result."

Image Credits: Grob Aircraft SE

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