Sabena Aerospace: acquires several line maintenance activities from Lufthansa Technik

viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2021

Brussels, 03/12/2021. Belgian company Sabena Aerospace is taking over Lufthansa Technik's 
Belgian maintenance company, Lufthansa Technik Brussels NV and Lufthansa Technik's line 
maintenance business for customers outside Germany, LTMI. Alongside the Brussels maintenance 
site, the acquisition includes LTMI's German headquarters in Frankfurt and its operations in 
Amsterdam (Netherlands), Palma (Spain) Johannesburg/Kapstadt (South Africa), Tel Aviv (Israel) 
and Kigali (Ruanda). The transaction also foresees a cooperation agreement between Sabena 
Aerospace and Lufthansa Technik regarding possible line maintenance services at other locations 
In 2019, by bringing Sabca and Sabena Aerospace together within the Blueberry holding company, 
the foundations for the first sustainable aerospace ecosystem in Belgium were laid. Both companies 
have since joined forces to build a strong aerospace industry in Belgium. This joint approach gives 
the companies access to new market segments, financing and more competitive purchasing 
conditions. The ecosystem is now being expanded with a number of key companies known for their 
aircraft maintenance. 
LTMI and its international operations in Europe and Africa, as well as Lufthansa Technik Brussels, 
specialise in aircraft maintenance services of short and long-haul aircraft like the Airbus A320 family, 
A330/A340 and various Boeing series. Additionally, they offer light engine services, as well as 
carrying out structural work, engine and landing gear replacements, logistics services and 
"The acquisition of the Lufthansa Technik subsidiaries is in line with our strategy and in line with the 
activities of Sabena Aerospace," said Stéphane Burton, CEO of the group. "With this acquisition, we 
are further expanding the division of maintenance activities and increasing our international 
network, adding extra convenience and services to our new and existing customers. We are closer 
through the network and can offer combined know-how and expertise. In addition, our 24/7 
intervention team active around the world is growing significantly."
"We are happy that we were able to find a sustainable opportunity for our activities and our 215 
affected employees with the sale of LTMI and Lufthansa Technik Brussels to our Belgian partners," 
said Marcus Motschenbacher, Vice President & CCO Aircraft Maintenance Services of Lufthansa 
Technik. "Alongside Sabena Aerospace and Sabca, the group has successfully positioned itself in the 
highly competitive maintenance business in recent years and has the necessary expertise to offer 
more development possibilities for the companies and its employees."
In a few months, the employees of LTMI and Lufthansa Technik Brussels will all be part of the Sabena 
Aerospace family, in which they will continue to function autonomously. There will be room for internal mobility within the group to make the careers of all employees more attractive, as well as 
dialogue on how to improve the processes and organisation of all companies within the group. 
"We are very pleased that we will soon be able to count on the expertise of all these people," added
Stéphane Burton. "As the air traffic should be picking up, the demand for specialised and 
experienced colleagues will also increase again. With this transaction, we will now have 1,500 
employees, of which more than 300 will be dedicated to the line maintenance business, which 
should enable us to meet the growing demand. For some of them, this will be a great reunion. They 
know each other from their time at Sabena, before going on to work for Sabena Aerospace or 
Lufthansa Technik. I'm expecting a lot of anecdotes."
The operation should be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2022, once all legal and 
operational conditions have been approved.
About Sabena Aerospace
Sabena Aerospace is an independent Belgian MRO provider operating at international level,
offering maintenance and operational solutions for both civil and military aircraft. The activities of
Sabena Aerospace are structured into 4 Business Units: Engineering & Training, Operational
Support, Components and Defense. Sabena Aerospace employs over 400 people and develops 
its activities from its historic headquarters at Brussels Airport, thanks to its facilities in 9 
countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Tanzania, 
Congo RDC, Congo Brazzaville, Zimbabwe & Mauritania). Its international commercial motto
perfectly summarizes the company's strategy: "Keep on Flying, We Take Care".
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