Indra will protect the Spanish Airforce A400M fleet with its inShield DIRCM system

miércoles, 25 de enero de 2023


  •     Indra solution jams the infrared guidance of air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles using a directed laser beam
  •     The contract awarded to Indra by OCCAR, multinational agency managing the A400M programme, includes the supply of DIRCM InShield Systems up to 9 aircrafts
  •     The system recently succeeded in the NATO Trial EMBOW tests, participated by the most recognized specialists in the field. Indra has also demonstrated the system on board of a Spanish Army CH47 helicopter
  •     The solution has been design to protect all kind of aircrafts and helicopters, and is specially intended for those operating in conflictive scenarios (threaten by terrorist and non-governmental groups) or those using airports in risky areas

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