Saab Signs Agreement With Airbus Regarding A321 ACF Over Wing Door

martes, 17 de mayo de 2016


Defence and security company Saab has signed a new agreement with Airbus concerning the A321 Airbus Cabin Flex programme. The agreement comprises the design, development and manufacture of the Over Wing Door component.

The Over Wing Door is a new door design that will be installed on all Airbus A321’s equipped with Airbus Cabin Flex, and will improve the aircraft evacuation during emergency situations. This is Saab's second A321 ACF contract in a short period of time and strengthens Saab's position as a global partner within the commercial aviation industry.

Saab will be responsible for the development and manufacture of the Over Wing Door and for the development and procurement of manufacturing tools. Part of the development will be completed by the Saab/Mahindra collaboration at the Saab India Tech Centre (SITC) in Hyderabad, and part of the assembly will be carried out at Saab/Aequs JV Aerostructures Assemblies India in Belgaum.

"This development and production contract for Airbus A321 doors, one of the world's best-selling aircraft types confirms that our long-term strategy with development, combined with assembly and low cost elements, is proving competitive," says Dan Jangblad, head of Saab business area Industrial Products and Services.

Saab's business unit Aerostructures supplies products such as doors, ailerons and wing structures for all of Airbus' commercial programmes. The company also supplies cargo doors for Boeing's B787.

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